Readership has been poor which is an understatement to be honest. My initial goal was to translate the novel completely or at least be midway before the drama started airing but I misjudged the air date. I took a gamble and lost. I will release the remaining 2 chapters daily for the next 2 days. I am going to be more careful when picking a novel to translate in the future.: taking safer bets. I will be focusing on Flash Marriage and the more popular Danmei novels

Book I The spring day’s apricot flowers scatter above, who is the youth who walks elegant and quick?

Chapter 41 High-five makes the promise

If it’s yes, it’s yes. If it’s no, then it’s no.

Although Chu Yu was firm on the surface, deep down she wasn’t so certain. She knew she was taking a risk. Although she had clear ideas in her mind, Huan Yuan might not take her up on her offer. Even if he did, he might not completely follow their promise.

Things like these that depended completely on mutual trust would fall apart completely if the wrong person was picked for the task.

But under the current circumstances Chu Yu had no other option. With all that had been said, there still weren’t enough people in her network, and even fewer that she could recognize or say she was even somewhat close with.

Although Liu Sang was young and pliable, he had no defense against others. He called Rong Zhi big brother with such warmth that even if Rong Zhi sold him out, he might still count pennies for his cause.

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