Book I The spring day’s apricot flowers scatter above, who is the youth who walks elegant and quick?

Chapter 36: Nothing to break this seductive spell

To restore themselves to full power before potentially confronting any further dangers, the group rested on the mountaintop shortly, waiting for Chu Yu to recover from her ordeal. They quickly descended the mountain after that. No matter how closely Yue Jiefei searched, he couldn’t find anything on the assassins that might provide him with a clue.

Liu Sang returned to the Princess’s dwellings first, coming back for Chu Yu with a chariot. Her current appearance would probably draw even more stares than when they arrived.

On their way back to the palace, Huan Yuan remained strangely silent. Although he had never been one to go out of his way to talk in front of Chu Yu, his current silence seemed different somehow, as if something inside him had permenantly sunken in. It was a cold silence.

They entered the palace together. After a few minutes of walking, it came time for them to separate at the intersection between the East and West dwellings. Huan Yuan took a few steps away, then suddenly turned around.

“If Hua Cuo hadn’t arrived, if things had gone on for only a bit longer, we would have fallen down the cliff. If that had happened, would you still hold me?”

Chu Yu was somewhat surprised. Studying Huan Yuan, she saw a lost and disappointed look in the beautiful youth’s eyes, as if he couldn’t find his way anymore. After a moment of thought, she spoke again.

“I don’t know. What happens in moments of life or death like those aren’t decided by a person’s own will. Maybe in that moment, I might release your hand for fear of death. But…” Her eyes still fixed on him, she continued sincerely. “Just now…at least in that moment, I really didn’t want to let go.”

Huan Yuan stood still for a moment. When he spoke again his voice was low. “I believe you,” he said, before turning away and leaving.

Chu Yu sighed before heading in the opposite dire


Chapter 36


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