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“Ring ring ring—”


I wrote stroke after stroke, and finally finished ten copies of “Yu Lin Ling”. I hurriedly flipped open my arithmetic notes, but the final bell rang from the hallway.


My nearby classmates started noisily packing up their bags. Guotong and I stood in silence.


“Fan, I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault. Liu Yong’s poems were too easy, so I skipped them to review later….”


Guotong glumly told me.


“It’s not your fault.”


I heavily set down my math textbook with a sigh.


“Am I to blame, then?”


Mo Shiyu didn’t start packing at all, and immediately walked in front of us.


“How would I dare to do that?”


I squeezed out a smile when I saw the Class Rep.


Next, I reverently handed her my copies, along with Guotong’s.


“Guotong, look at how neat Lu Fan’s handwriting…..


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