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Here is Chapter 20.

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Today, I thought of a question. Why am I here?

In this city, my student life revolves around three places: cafeteria, classroom, and home.


I worry and distress about my grades. I think about my cloudy future, and feel some sort of reverence.

Why am I sitting here, thinking about my mortality? According to my molecular physics textbook, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, anything can exist nearly anywhere in the world. Why am I here, then?

Undoubtedly, my birth is a wonder. All of my ancestors had to do certain things at certain times exactly right, and couldn’t be a little bit off.

Think about it. If any of my family tree’s genes had one microscopic irregularity, my fate would be drastically different.

I wouldn’t appear on this world at all. Someone else will take my place.

This means that every single….

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