The Taming of the Yandere V1 Chapter 21

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What emotions would a student go through after finishing a difficult test?


Some will be worried and uneasy; some will be filled with expect and craving. Some will be cold and indifferent, and some will show pride and arrogance. My mind, however, was slightly different after exams. It flows like a river, streaming down the hill and rocks.

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After filling in my name, class, and student ID, my entire body feels immersed in the thin paper. My brain works in overdrive to solve the problems, and I let go of all senses of time and self.


It was just like in wuxia novels, when the master transfers his knowledge and skills to the disciple. I completely fell into the test paper’s claws. And when the time limit was almost up, I’ll finish up my problems just as the bell rings.


Translations by AsianHobbyist Website

Every time I finish, I have a fairly solid idea on what I did wrong, and where I messed…

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