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Hello all, here is Volume 2, Chapter 4 of TOTY.

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In the midst of darkness, I sat up suddenly, breathing hard. I looked at the sleeping girl nearby, and lowered my voice as much as I can.


“What a strange dream.”


I sighed to myself. The alarm clock told me it was just about time to get up anyway, so I swung off bed to prepare breakfast.


I took a cold shower, washing off the cold sweat on my back.


While showering, I started to brood over last night’s dream.


It looks like Jiang Muqing has taken quite an effect on me.


In my previous dreams of “her”, there weren’t any possibility of other characters appearing. There wasn’t any interference between me and “her”, much less this type of nightmare content.


I can provide a simple explanation for “her”. She was my playmate from elementary to….


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