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Hello all, This is BlackDay. Here is Volume 2, Chapter 5 of TOTY.

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Hearing the girl say that name, my heart felt like it was filled with lead. Every beat was unimaginably heavy.




“Don’t you dare say that name!”


I callously snapped at Jiang Muqing, and broke free from her grasp.


Every person has a secret past, a history that couldn’t be revealed. In my heart, I didn’t want to share this memory, pure as snow. I certainly didn’t want to share it with Jiang Muqing, who already has taken effect on it.


“Even if Fan doesn’t tell me, I know anyways.”


The girl’s voice became soft.


Does she know? It must’ve been my mother.


“Is she pretty?”


The girl whispered, her tone contained a shred of….

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