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A Mistaken Marriage: Match Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue

Chapter 28 – Enemy or Friend? (Part 1)


Lou Chen originally thought that Jin Yanhen and Xing Mu were looking for her, the corner of her lips moved a bit and she frowned slightly. After a while, when she knew that the gaze was coming from the other side of the creek, she looked even colder, and it seemed like there’s frost with her voice.


“Have you stared enough?”


While she was talking, she was looking at the direction where the gaze was from.


The trees on the other side of the creek were lusher. Although the leaves had all fallen off, the tough trunks still carved a large shadow under the moonlight.


In that dark light, a figure was kneeling by the creek, and it was a man. He was dressed in black, and his arms were exposed. There’s blood all over but no wounds could be seen. Lou Chen was guessing that he’d probably just had his shoulders injured and he couldn’t stop the blood, that’s why it flew down his arms.


The man was hiding in the shadow of the trees, and Lou Chen couldn’t see his face clearly. However, that didn’t stop her from feeling that deep, somehow sharp gaze staring at her. Although he’s half-squatting, and he’s injured, he didn’t look weak at all. He looked somewhat ready and was like a beast ready to attack.


Lou Chen squinted and she didn’t avoid the man’s gaze, it’s because she never thought of herself being a prey.


The two continued looking at each other and nobody moved. She could only hear the sound of the flowing water.


When Lou Chen was thinking about whether to stay or to move first, there was suddenly a movement behind the man. Two men dressed in black were running toward his direction, and they stood behind him. Before speaking, the man stood up.




In the silence of the night, this was a very low voice. It entered Lou Chen’s ears without any obstacles.


The three people’s Qinggong was extremely good. Just in the blink of an eye, they already moved very far away.

Lou Chen blinked slightly, and there was some doubt in her mind. The people suddenly appeared in the middle of the night, were they friends, enemies or just strangers?


Just when Lou Chen was into her own thoughts, she heard a sound of “Xiu” in the air. The fierce momentum made Lou Chen feel it deeply even when she was standing on the other side of the creek.


The man quickly turned to the side, and he stabbed the arrow fiercely into the wood behind him, leaving only half of it in the air.


Lou Chen had excellent eyesight and she entered the General’s House all year round. It only took her a glance to notice that it’s not an ordinary arrow, but one that’s even faster than a long arrow, and a more flexible one.


After that arrow, seven or eight other arrows were shot, and they were all blocked by the three men.


In the darkness, seven or eight men dressed in black rushed over. Two of them were holding arrows in their hands, and the other people were having all sorts of weapons. They had a common goal, and that’s to attack the three men.


The two people fought all the way, and they were getting closer to the creek. Although there were not many men on this side, they had superb skills in martial arts, especially that man who was extremely firm in his actions. He’s got deep power and an overwhelming momentum. Even when he’s surrounded, there’s no sign of being defeated.


The two men in black, with their bows, were standing on the periphery and shooting arrows from time to time. One of the men in black seemed to have spotted Lou Chen on the other side, and a hint of cruelty flashed through his eyes, he started to point his arrow right at Lou Chen.


Lou Chen snorted and was about to sneak away from the arrow, but she saw that the man who had been besieged by the two suddenly jumping forward, and he stabbed a sword right into the man in black who’s holding an arrow. The man in black was shocked and hurriedly dodged. He wasn’t able to attack Lou Chen anymore.


“Let’s go.” It’s the same low, cold voice. However, Lou Chen knew that this was an instruction for her.


Lou Chen slightly frowned. These two groups of men were all dressed in black, and they were very sharp and cruel in their action. She couldn’t tell what their identity was. When thinking about the few people in the woods, Lou Chen decided that it’d be better to leave.


After Lou Chen made the decision, she didn’t hesitate anymore. She turned around and ran away.


The man looked back and saw that the azure-colored figure was already fleeing, and it quickly disappeared in his eyesight. His eyes flashed slightly and he almost got shot by an arrow. Therefore, he had to focus to fight his enemy.


Lou Chen made full use of her Qinggong and spent a lot less time in coming back. She didn’t make her movements lighter deliberately, that’s why when she was a dozen feet away from the fire, Jin Yanhen and Xing Mu could hear it, and they both woke up.


When the two saw that it’s Lou Chen approaching, they hurriedly went forward.


“What’s wrong? Chen’er?”


“Miss Lou?”

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