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The roads were muddy after the rain.


They were always boggy in the slums, each step causes muck to splash all over. Occasionally, fecal matter and trash get washed out by the rain, resulting in a permanent stink in the air. A large amount of people with empty faces can be seen bustling in the thick rolls of huts, they need to sort out their homes and then rush to the ports to search for manual work. Water seeps into a lot of houses here every time it rains, and sometimes tragedy strikes in the form of a collapse.


Sauron lifted the cold corpse of the old dog as he walked on the foul roads. Vivian held his hand as she walked behind him, her face pale.


Caesar is dead!


The ancient dog that had been by her side at birth had finally reached the end of its life.


They planned to bury it, as if it were a human.


It deserves….

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