This is a Teaser and a Yuri Novel.


After Exchanging Shadows

Chapter 15 (Part 1)


Still have to endure.


“I have to think of what I can make use of?” Ji Mo got up and silently poured a glass of water, and said casually, “your body? Sorry, but your body is already mine, haven’t you even used the video mode to admire it?”


Ruan Yesheng, “…”


After a quiet moment, Ruan Yesheng tried to be calm and smiled while she analysed, “you use me, so that I can accept your demand, then exercise the rights of your body while replacing you. You point me to the East, and I dare not go to the West. You want me to act better, for sure, I will not let you lose face. You want me to crush the head of the scripter, Lei fantian, and I won’t crush that of the director. If you want me to destroy the director, then I won’t go after the one of the producer.”


“Instead, I want to crush your head.”


“Then why don’t you pick up a few bricks and hit me now?”


After some tension, Xi Mo finally revealed some irritability. She felt that Ruan Yesheng had just been beating around the bush.


However, without the permission of the original owner of the body, she really couldn’t do anything on her own. Most people tried everything to enter the circle, but they couldn’t rule out that some people were just temporarily unavailable for various reasons, or they simply didn’t want to. She was now almost physically restrained with Ruan Yesheng. And under this restriction, she did not want Ruan Yesheng to use her body, after her application for the role, to commit similar acts without her permission.

As a public figure, she valued ​​her image very much, and she did not want her image to be jeopardized in the hands of Ruan Yesheng.

What’s more important is that although she held high regards of herself, she wasn’t somebody who did whatever she liked. She had been holding firmly the principle of mutual respect. And if the other party really objected, she wouldn’t do anything to force them.

Xi Mo could only adjusted her tone slightly, and said, “I’m very clear about the later itinerary. The crew will start shooting soon, and there will be propaganda. You will replace me to go to the studio, it’s very far away, and you’ll have an important role. My work focus is also there, and you’ll thus have to be in the studio most of the time. I can only make sure that things are handled well if I follow. And I will have to be with you to reach the crew.”

If not, she would not have the opportunity to meet Ruan Yesheng.

Now, Ruan Yesheng had accepted the whole of her past, like an important object for protection. As for her identity now, it was almost impossible to get close.

Also, the image that she’d built for the public was solidarity. She lived alone, she had friends but they didn’t have a close relationship. She had always kept a light relationship with them while keeping a distance. That’s why people in the circle had always found her strange. Some netizens successfully found some juicy details about the celebrities’ private lives, but not hers.

As she didn’t really in touch with the others, she seemed to be so cautious to the a point that she’s rejecting everyone. She never went out alone with anyone, and never invited friends to her place. Her private life was so cold and distant. Let alone juicy details, it’s almost impossible to spread a rumor about her. The reporters had no way to make up any stories, naturally. As there were no leads at all.

Can you still make up stories without a rumor?

Was there still a character of a celebrity?

Other people like Shen Qingbie would have hot rumors spreading once she had a big work. And the rumors would get hotter and hotter. As for her, there’s almost nothing, and her company almost had to beg her to start some rumors.

And then nothing would happen.

She still had a cold and distant private life. But also because of this, her fans loved her even more since she’s so pure and determined. They adored and protect her like she’s a Goddess. Under such a situation, if there’s a rumor, the person involved would be cursed to hell by her fans.

And since her company later thought that this image would also do them favor, so they let her be.

Some netizens did not forget to analyze about the image of Xi Mo. Some thought that it’s because of a flaw in her personality, that is, she’s just pretentious. Some others were sure that she had something hidden in her past, and that made her unable to trust anybody. When they couldn’t make up rumors, they chose to look into her history.

And such kind of set image brought Xi Mo some troubles. Her life circle was so cold before, but now that she has become Ruan Yesheng, it was quite difficult to have a successful career while stopping the others from getting in touch with her “real self”. It would be like getting a stone and throw on one’s feet.

Ruan Yesheng was just listening without speaking.

Xi Mo stressed, “Ruan Yesheng, I don’t want to talk about irrelevant stuff with you anymore. I’m telling you, that I need to see you every day. I will stay with you every day from now on, and I’ll be in touch with you.”


Ruan Yesheng laughed, “how come it sounds like you’re in love with me, and that you can’t leave me.”


Xi Mo, “…”




She’s gotta endure!

Xi Mo indifferently asked, “I don’t believe it. Don’t you want to be with me?”

Ruan Yesheng, “…”

This question was on exactly the opposite path, pointing to an entirely different question. It’s totally irrelevant to her careful self, but with such a distorted meaning, it was starting to make her heart pound too.

She knew that it was a misunderstanding.

For a moment, she hoped that this misunderstanding could turn to be an answer.

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