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Chapter 184:  The Test Takers (1)





A call came in from Im Chulho, The Director of the Korea Arena Research Center.

-The government has made a decision on the issue, concerning the rewards to be given to the test takers.

“What was the decision?”

– First, along with being tax exempt, classified as national merit class 1, and many other social benefits will be offered.  This information will be shared with all the test takers before the next test.

“Is that all?”


-Based on the degree of contributions, reward amounts from 100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 Won will be offered when the next test is cleared.

“I’m not sure if that level of reward money would have any meaning to those who are excellent test takers and able to make contributions in clearing the final test.”

-However, this is the best that the government can offer.  This budget was barely put together with contributions from several large corporations that invested in Korea Arena Research Center and even support from the government.

Director Im Chulho said as he sighed.

– If the country goes bust, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy even this level of benefits.  Isn’t a world, with all the infrastructures of the modern society collapsed, a bad thing even to the test takers.

I deliberated over those words.

In fact, I was not interested in the government benefits.  That was because I have already accumulated enormous amount of money.

It was just that my opinion was that something needed to be done, so that the test takers could focus on clearing the tests.

For now, with the government committed rewards, at least the test takers would not have to worry about their futures when they were to return to their ordinary civilian lives.

‘Those test takers with great skills would already have ample amount of wealth, and those test takers who are not as skilled would be thrilled even with such benefits at such levels?’

Also, there was one more thing that needed to be addressed.

That was, for some reason, even if the test couldn’t be cleared, the test would come to an end.

There was no guarantee that the skills that were received as test takers would still remain.  The baby angel has never said such a thing.

There was not a guarantee that the world that has been collapsed as one with Arena would be favorable to the test takers.

-Additionally, every committed crime prior to that was to be pardoned without considering their seriousness.  This was a way to embrace those test takers who have committed criminal offenses and part of those fallen Korean test takers.

“If that was the case, I don’t think it is bad at all.  It was only that I spoke as a test taker, rather than speaking on behalf of all the test takers.”

-Yes, I know.  As we are doing all we can, please do promise me to clear the next test.

“I’ll do my best.”

-And, I wanted to mention something regarding the next test…..


What was it now?

Director Im Chulho brought up another topic.

-The worlds’ Arena related organizations have decided to hold a meeting to discuss what to do.

“Is it the world’s Arena Organization?”

-No, it is an informal meeting.  Some world’s organizations were omitted, and as an example, like the Chinese test team which is led by the fallen test takers were omitted.

That was, those government organizations, like the Nordic test team, which had definite justification and the will to approach the test, would be congregating.


-without the test takers, this meeting would only become a meeting of theoretical debate.  Hence, each organization was to send one or two test takers who are in the leadership positions to the meeting, and from us, of course…..

I was the leader of the Korea Arena test team is what he was getting at.

I suppose, if it wasn’t I, who was ranked 7th in the world, who else would represent the Korea test team.

“Would it be OK if Jihae was to attend as well?”

-Certainly.  Since Cha Jihae was also a member of your team and from the research center, she is definitely qualified.

And even though I did not mention it, she has recently become an aura master.  She wouldn’t take a backseat even when compared to those who were the best test takers.

“I understand.  When is the meeting?”

-In Copenhagen, Denmark, in four days.


-Yes, As the Nordic test team is considered to be the most trusted, best assault organization, and Odin, at this time, is thought to be the core person in clearing the next test.  So, Copenhagen, where he lives, was decided as the venue.

“That’s fine.  We’ll go then.”




As promised, we left for Denmark after four days.  The trip was quite comfortable as the Korea Arena Research Center had sent a car to pick us up at the house.

Even at the airport, there was no processing and we got on the private jet that Chairman Park Jinsung had provided.

There was a slight discomfort in the whole thing though.

It was because of Lee Soohyun, the stewardess.

Seeing me, she took a quick look at Cha Jihae, and put on a discrete smile with her eyes.  Clearly, she was enjoying the discomfort that I was having.

After going through the customs at Copenhagen International Airport, we took a taxi and headed directly to the hotel.

The hotel was nearly empty and no one could be seen.

They said the entire hotel was leased for the purpose of the meeting.

I received the room key after providing my name.

“Then we’ll see you at dinner.”

Director Im Chulho disappeared after receiving his room key.

As soon as we got to our room and unpacked, Cha Jihae took a sit, all alone, and began to meditate.  It was a training to adapt to being a high level 1 aura controller.

Having been left alone to my boredom, I called on Sylph and Cassa for a chat.

It was then.


My roaming smart phone vibrated.  It was Odin who was calling.

-You’ve come?

“Yes, I’m at the hotel.”

-Fantastic.  We’re also in Copenhagen.

“Is Mari with you?”

-Bella is also with me, too.

Oh, Bella!

I remembered how cute and precious Odin’s daughter was.

Waking up Cha Jihae from her meditation, we went to pay a visit together.


Mari was the first one to quickly jump in to my arms.

Watching this, a small blonde girl’s eyes twinkled.


Bella, too, ran over and jump into my arms.  Since she was grabbing onto my leg as she was short, I picked her up in one hand and gave her a hug.  Bella laughed happily.

I asked Odin.

“Is everything OK now?”

“We go get regular checkups, but as no symptoms developed yet, it seems to be all good.  Of course, it is early to be over confident.”

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