Note: This was translated from the web serial. The previous translation was from the eBook

Chapter 86 on Novel Updates is actually Chapter 75 of the web novel, so for the next chapter I will be releasing Chapter 76

MEMORIZE Chapter 52 did not turn out right but I still believe that I would be able to bring to readers novels that they want to read. I will no longer be using the translator that translated MEMORIZE.

Well, I was feeling quite sick today but the feedback from using criticizing the novel helped my mood and I parted amicably with the translator. Sometimes setbacks are good for the heart. It keeps us humble.

Song : Avril Lavigne – Hot

A very upbeat song I discovered in my playlist. It has been a while since I last played this song. Compared to her Let it Go album I got almost a decade ago this was more upbeat


Hopefully, second time is a charm with Big Life Chapter 87

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