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In the next moment, as they returned to their original location–


In the rolling hot air, I turned my eyes to the Arachne warrior.


Arisu’s body twisted in the air, plummeting downwards towards the Arachne warrior, attacking the still-oblivious enemy conductor with a sudden stab.


But the Arachne warrior seemed to sense something off, and turned around immediately. Arisu’s spear only grazed the side of its abdomen.


The enemy leader’s skin was cut open by the spear. Blue blood flew everywhere.


Almost at the same time, Tamaki started battling the legendary Arachne.


Still in the air, Tamaki made an awkward attempt to land a blow. The Arachne with red and black skin dodged, as if it had already seen where she was.


This god-level monster soldier opened its mouth.


Oh no, it was webbing!


Even if Tamaki was an idiot, she would be able to guess what the enemy was about to do. Relying on the force of her blow, she turned her body and changed the trajectory of her fligh…Continue Reading


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