Chapter split into 4 pages

After they returned to where they were originally–


Arisu immediately cast “Distance healing” for Tamaki, and then charged towards the Arachne warrior. She stubbornly aimed at the spider’s front legs.


It seemed like she was doing it both to stall the enemy’s movement in addition to drawing its attention to herself. She was creating a chance for my familiars to attack.


Hiding behind Arisu, the two spirits remembered the principle that they had to go around the enemy’s back. Attacking from both sides would reduce the power imbalance between them and the enemy. That was the tactic for now.


The Arachne warrior couldn’t focus only on facing Arisu. The wounds were increasing on its body, plus…


“Whole body electric shock.”


Mia’s electric attack slowed the warrior down temporarily.


Taking advantage of the opportunity, Arisu let out a shrill cry, charging and sinking her blade into the Arachne warrior’s chest.


Blue blood spu…Continue Reading


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