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Volume 5 Chapter 106 Weighing the lives of my companions and the path to heroism


I closed my eyes and sunk deep in thought.


About the benefits of helping the citizens of light, and the danger that would befall my companions.


Me and Mia had used our powers for the sake of the people of this world once.


In that city named Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu, to save normal people who were unrelated to us and completely powerless, we entered into a battle.


In the end, the monster army sent out Mekishu Grand as a final struggle.


If it were just me and Mia, we would be dead.


If the army of Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu hadn’t challenged that desperate battle–


If Arisu and Tamaki hadn’t entered the magical alignment during that time–


Lacking any of that kind of support, me and Mia would be done for.


Even if we wanted information, there was originally no need for that battle.


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