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We knew already that the webbing spat out by the Arachne wasn’t the slightest bit effective against fire.


So the key of this battle was Lucia’s MP.


After she had dropped all the way to nothing, she had managed to garner some back now. It should be at around 40 now. No, she used 5 points to cast the fireball, so it should be at around 35 right now.


We needed to use the MP as effectively as possible. I needed to push Lucia hard until her body reached its limit.


“I’m going up, Senpai!”


Tamaki charged into the blazing fire. It looked dangerous, but in the battle against the legendary Arachne, inside the fire was the safest place.


Of course, that was all under the condition that I had given her a resistance to fire.


Lucia’s body staggered. I gripped the silver-haired girl’s shoulder, supporting her as she nearly collapsed to the ground.


“I’m so…sorry.”


Sweat flowed down Lucia’s face like a waterfall. Even after resting earlier, using magic once again was enough to tire her out like this.


Perhaps her………..Continue Reading

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