Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills

Chapter 69 Meeting of the two perverts

My name is Geiss.

The guild leader of the adventurer guild in the royal capital of Alsarah Kingdom—or so I was.


I got fired after Ryuna, the receptionist, had caught me masturbating in the guild office. By the way, I was doing the ‘V’ posture. It looks like she had properly knocked before entering but, I did not notice since I was too ‘busy’.


On top of all that, being surprised by her, I had accidentally launched ‘it’. Unexpectedly, it flew really well and landed right on her bag.


I did tried to cover up this incident.


However, Ryuna was a beautiful receptionist popular even among the adventurers.

In the blink of an eye, the adventurers had come to know the fact that she had been absent due to the shock.

And then, a large-scale boycott had begun.


They had demanded to have me fired.

I had strongly resisted at first but, after being strongly opposed by even the guild staff and being abandoned by the guild’s main office, I was forced to resign.


Damn it! If you are a man yourself, you have surely tried doing it outside just out of curiosity once or twice, right?! Although, in my case, I ended up doing it every day at the office!

To top it all off, I do not even get retirement money! How much do you think I have contributed to the guild till now?!


I have tons of complaints but it does not really matter at this point.

Fortunately, I was not also stripped of the ‘adventurer’ status. From now on, I guess I will have to work hard as an adventurer.


I had also started to think that this in itself was not all that bad.

Compared to being tied to obligations as the guild master, I am free now. I can go anywhere I please.

As I thought that, suddenly the face of one girl popped up in my mind.


“…. Ah, how I want her to look at me like garbage, to bathe in her lightning..”


I had only met her once by chance, but even now I clearly remember the excitement I had felt.

I have not spotted her in the guild ever since so she must have returned to the village of Elves.


Alright, I have decided.

I will meet that girl once again.

I will express these feelings to her!

And I will have her use lightning on me again!



Thus, my journey had begun.





Heading for the village of Elves, I was advancing through the highway after leaving the capital.


And as I was advancing, on the way, I met a traveler in battle with two goblins.

Goblins are the weakest of all monsters. An extremely normal adult with just a sword, even when up against two goblins, can easily defeat them—–


“……. Or not”


The traveler was having a great deal of trouble.

He was swinging his swords but, it had no effect whatsoever.


I guess I have no choice, huh?

Letting out a sigh, I decided to save the traveler.

The traveler was wearing a hood so I could not properly look at their face but, who knows, it might be a young girl.











After beating down the two goblins with two swings, I looked back towards the traveler, who was having a hard time breathing.

Their hood slipped down and their face was exposed.


“Th-thanks! You saved me!”


To my utter disappointment, it was an old man who looked over 70 years old.

What struck me as strange, was that he had worn the clothes of a butler.


“To think I, Lionel, who fought against orcs during my youth would have trouble against goblins. Good gracious, I have grown old.”


Looks like his name was Lionel.


“Oi old man, this is for your own sake but with that amount of strength, it would be better if you stop traveling alone. The royal capital is still close, go back at once.”


I warned him.

But the old man shook his head.


“I cannot do that. I must return to the princess at once.”


“The princess?”


“The third princess, her Highness Eren”


“You mean the former leader of the ‘Order of Knights’?”



Known as an outrageously muscle-brained princess, she was the leader of Order of Knights. But just a few days ago, she had suddenly resigned and departed on a journey. It is something the whole nation is aware of.


However, no one knew the reason for it.

‘She had a fight with the king’; ‘she eloped with her lover’, various rumors had spread.


Well, if I had to guess with my keen intuition, I would say the possibility of eloping would be high.

She was a woman with a man-like personality but, exactly because of that, I think that if she fell in love, she would do anything. Even if the people around her opposed her love, she would go through with it. Haa, the springtime of life, eh?


When I asked him about his situation, I found out that he was her butler.

No wonder he was wearing butler clothes.

….. Why would you keep wearing that even when you are traveling?


“And so, you were ordered by the king to bring back that tomboyish princess, I see. Seriously, making an old man do this..”


“Ah, no. In fact, the king had tried to stop me.”


“Tried to stop you? Then why are you here?”


“I probably don’t have much longer to live…. And so, once more! Just once more would be enough! Just once more, I would like to get beaten by the princess!”



O.. oh?



“Aaaahh! I want to be beaten by the princess! I want to be trampled on! For that purpose, it doesn’t matter where I need to goooo!!!”



‘It appears that this old man is quite the peculiar pervert.’

I thought, being blind to my own shortcomings.


“Well, do as you please. I will head on ahead. I am searching for an elf, you see.”


“Elf, eh? Now that you mention it, that person’s lightning were equally wonderful as the princes”


‘Lightning’, you say?!



“Wait a minute, old man. By any chance, do you know of the elf who uses lightning magic?”


“Yes. She went on the journey together with the princess.”


“Seriously?! Then, say that sooner! Where did they go?!”


“As far as the information I have collected says, it seems like they went to Ikebana. I was just thinking of going there myself.”


“Ikebana, huh!”



That is very plausible.

Come to think of it, someone in the castle was also saying something of the sort.

So that was about the princess.


Nn? That means the one princess eloped with is the Karuna bastard, eh?


“Alright, looks like our destination is the same. Looks like I have no choice but to go together with you.”


“Ohh, that would be very reassuring. Please do so.”



And thus, I had departed on a journey together with the old man.








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