Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I received 100 Cheat Skills

Chapter 70: Meeting of the THREE Perverts


Over the course of a few days, we reached the mountainous area near the border of the Alsarah Kingdom and Ekbana.


“Let us not cross the mountain today, and get up early tomorrow instead.”


“Must be hard for an old person.”


“You always get up early.”


The mountains are too dangerous to cross at night. For that reason, it was common sense to leave early in the morning instead.


The next morning, we got up while it was still dark, and had breakfast in the hotel’s dining room.


Because there are many travelers in the mountain, it is usually safe. But right now, there aren’t really many travelers inside.


The route from this town should be the shortest to Ekbana. I had doubts, but the landlady of the inn told us.


“Did you know that recently, a strange “dog man” has been living in the mountains? Everyone started getting a bad feeling from it, so lots of people have been taking a different route to Ekbana.”


Dog man?

What the hell is that?


“They don’t seem to do anything bad, but, once you go near, be careful.”


It wasn’t for certain, but it didn’t seem like the landlady was joking.


Me and the old man tilted our heads in doubt, and left the inn.


“Could it possibly be a new type of monster?”


“I dunno…”


Climbing up the mountain.


It’s considerably rugged on this journey.


It’s supposed around here, according to the landlady, but……. Well, I guess I just thought one of these monkeys could have been the dog man.


Just when I thought I let that mistake slip my mind—


“Ruff, ruff!”


–something came.


A young man.


Probably still around 20 years old.


He looks slightly dirty, but I think he still passes as a good-looking guy.


A normal human seems to be blocking the way.


Although, he is wearing a choker, with chains that seem to be leading from it.


And just like a dog, he sits, barking, “Ruff, ruff!”


“……. It’s a dog man.”


“You seem to be right by the looks of it.”


The old man was calm for some reason, even though this monster was here.


I get why travelers and merchants get a bad feeling from this route, and hence change direction.


While observing from a distance, the dog man suddenly began to talk.


“Ruff ruff?”


“No, I don’t understand dog talk…”


“Are you going to Ekbana? Be careful~”


“You can speak English?!”


I instinctively fed the dog man.


“You’re still so young, what happened?”, the old man asked casually.


Wait, that’s not casual at all.


Why aren’t you scared or at least surprised, old man?


“I’ve been waiting for my master here for a long time,” said the dog man.


What does that mean?


I asked without thinking, “A master? Does that mean you’re a slave?”


“No, I’m a pet.”


I became more and more confused.


“How long have you waited here?”


“The truth is, it’s almost been a month.”


How sad. Pet or whatever he may be, he’s been left here for almost a month.


Plus, he’s chained up, so he can’t even leave—


“Oh, these chains were originally tied to a rock, but the rock broke, so I’m free to move around now.”


So he can move!


…then why on earth…?


It’s still a mystery to me how a hard rock like that broke, but in any case, it seems like he’s waiting for his so-called “master” on his own accord.


What an idiot. What a complete idiot.


“Such a pity, this troubling state of affairs– but is it possible that you were abandoned?”


“Oh my! Is that really the case? I had a slight suspicion… But….”


“……That is quite pitiful, isn’t it. Truthfully, I was abandoned too by a princess I was in the service of… I know that bitter pain all too well.”


“Oh my, you must have been a pet too?!”


“No, I was her punching bag”


Punching bag?!


“However, I have yet to give up. Even if she refuses me or escapes me, once more, until I am graced by a beating from my princess, only death can stop me!”


“My my! What is this strong will this old man possesses? Yet, I… I… was afraid… ….to be abandoned directly by him like that… so I stayed in a place like this… haha… what a miserable human I am…”


I thought that now we were just wasting time, but…


“No, no, you still have a long way to go. You will have many chances to try again.”


“Is that true?”


The dog man’s eyes stuck onto the old man like he was looking for advice, who nodded with a gentle smile.


What on earth am I watching…


“I’ve decided! From now on, I am going to search for him! Wait for me! Karuna-kun!”


Wha…? Why Karuna…?


“Oh, could that possibly be the black-haired man?”


“Huh? Do you perhaps know Karuna?”


“Oh yes, this is some coincidence. Truthfully, we were also following him and heading for Ekbana. Well, I am following the accompanying princess.”


“Is that so! Then would it be okay for me to join you in your journey?!”


“Yes, of course. Would you be okay with that, Geiss-dono?”


The pleasure’s mine.


Without restraint, I thanked them for the precious info they gave, so I forgave those who accompanied the old man, who cannot be helped.


Also because, he seemed to be rich.


But this young man is different, is what I thought, but—


“My name is Alek. As you can see, I am an A-rank adventurer, so I think I have plenty of strength to be able to accompany you! I also have lots of money with me! Plus, I know where Karuna would be!”


“Where he would be?”


“Yes! Because I’m his pet! Even if I’m separated from him, I always know where to find him! That is my indispensable ability as a pet!”


You’re pretty amazing, pet.


Is it like a homing instinct?


Still, it’s possible that Karuna is not in Ekbana.


If we take his pet, we can still find him if that’s the case.


He seems strong as well.


Admittedly, I was just about fed up with the hindrance of the old man.


“Okay, that’s fine. Let’s go together.”


“Thank you!”


I made a new friend and continued my journey to find the elf girl.










To ——- NOT Be Continued




It may or may not intersect with the main story somewhere.





















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