Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I received 100 Cheat Skills


Chapter 71: Black Bright Dragon Returns!


“Look who’s back! This time, I’m here to battle!”


“Ugh, not you again…”


The transformed Black Bright Dragon, Kuro, who who looked like one to have a harem— had her challenge rejected by Shiro in just one word.


“What’s going on!? Isn’t it okay to hang for a bit!? Battling or racing, I don’t care! Let’s do it!”


“No, I’m tired.”


Black Bright Dragon was desperate but Shiro wouldn’t budge. She stayed curled up on the sofa like a cat.


For some reason, it makes me think of a father ruining the holidays for their child, who just wants to play.


In view of those two, I asked Black Bright Dragon.


“Before you were running away crying, so why are you still coming back for more?”


“I wasn’t crying! I was strategically withdrawing! I must defeat Shiro so I can be the Dragon King!”


“It sounds like you’re saying you like Shiro?”


“Wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you saying!? I-i-i-i-it’s not like that! Why should I have to fall in love with White Bright Dragon!?”


……I got her too riled up.


Rather than being a child who wants to play with their father, it looks like an elementary school boy who is hitting on the girl he likes. The girl, however..


“A-anyway, fight with me! Give me everything you got! R-right! How about those food contests that you like so much!?”




Hearing that word made Shiro react slightly.


“Last time we competed in surviving off of all those goblins we hunted! You remember what we’ve done before, don’t you?!”


“Yes… I remember.”


“Alright! Let’s do that!”




“What did you say!?” Kuro said in a raised voice.


Shiro responded with bored look. “Raw meat is often tasteless.”


Kuro made a strange face. “Huh?? What are you saying? Don’t you normally eat your meat raw?”


Dragons tend to eat demon or animal meat.

However, it is difficult to cook like humans do, so they usually eat it as is.

She said she wouldn’t eat anything else, but there’s actually not much else to eat.


However, Shiro became an omnivore after tasting human food.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a hard time digesting it.

When dragons transform into humans, their tastes start to resemble those of human beings.


Furthermore, because of what I’ve been cooking recently, Shiro has been acquiring a certain taste. That’s why she can’t be satisfied by raw goblin meat anymore. Nowadays a juicy cooked meat is pretty delicious.


“Humph, I can’t believe that you have been degraded to a dog for humans…. Where did your pride as a dragon go?”


“What’s that delicious smell?”


“We aren’t talking about food right now! God, you chatter about cooking like one of those humans. I really don’t get you. You could eat anything really” Kuro said as she spat on the ground.


Shiro pouted. “You’re wrong. Cooking is wonderful. Delicious food can make you happy. Dragons should follow this example. Karuna’s cooking is especially good.”


Shiro became unusually talkative.


Kuro confusedly stared in wonder, but quickly went back to her fearless smile.

“Ha, if you’re going to go that far we MUST have a match this time! If I admit his food tastes good, then you win! Otherwise, I win!”


Then isn’t it already your victory?


Furthermore, who gets to decide who wins and who loses?


“Okay, that’s fine,” Shiro said, easily recognizing her plan.


Kuro smiled with triumph. “All right, you agree? It’s decided then! It’s too late to bail out on me! Ku ku ku, this time for sure my plan to win will succeed!”


I thought whether it would be nice to win such a battle, but since it seems interesting, I think it’ll be good anyways.




“Mm, leave it to me.”


“Ha, you won’t have that confidence for long! Kuhahahaha!”


Right back at you.



Because of the food contest between the two dragon’s, I brought us to the resulting place.


“Hey, where are we?”


“At a farm.”


“A…. farm?”


“This is a place where vegetables and fruits grow.”


This was a farm I cared for on my own.


Both this world and Earth have many vegetables and fruits.


However, due to the low quality of farming here, it’s hard to say that this world’s products are as delicious as Earth’s.


Because of that, I decided I should make it myself, and planted a whole orchard of fruit.


<FarmingMaster>Is one of the skills I’ve acquired, so it was a piece of cake.

The location we are at is the eastern part of Alsarah Kingdom.


 It is a land left alone for some reason, but it’s wide, flat, and the soil is good.

Therefore, it is suitable for agriculture.


I asked the king of Alsarah, Ellen’s father, and bought this vast land.


I employed serfs to manage the farm.


Because I have to constantly supervise them, I use my <Shadow CloneMaster> to bring forth clones of myself to be entrusted with that duty.


<FarmingMaster> Skill can also be passed on to my clones.


“Ooh, the tomatoes look like they’re ripening”


There were fresh tomatoes in the field.


Shiro made a slurping sound.


“Mm, they look delicious”


“Shall we eat them?”


“Yes, let’s eat!”


I plucked off a tomato and gave it to Shiro.


“Kuro, have you had a tomato before?”


“Don’t call me Kuro! ……As for the tomato, I’ve eaten it and decided. It looks like a massive pool of blood, but it’s not that tasty.”


A massive pool of blood…you were just looking at the color, weren’t you.




Shiro bit into the tomato, splashing red juice everywhere, with her eyes widening.


“It’s sweet! What is this!? It’s sooooo sweet! It’s not like a tomato at all! But it’s so yummy! Munch munch munch!”


As the corners of her mouth grew sticky, she kept eating while taking in breaths, and went to grab another one.

Kuro was in awe. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen her be so active…”



Shiro chewed the tomato so deliciously that it made me want to eat one.


I handed one to the girl who was also staring.


“You should try one too.”




Gulping, Kuro fearfully took a bite into a tomato. Her once suspicious eyes started to widen.




That’s right, this tomato is sweet.


In this world, normal tomatoes only have about 3 – 4 grams of sugar in them. They are less sweet than most of the ones on Earth.


However, the tomatoes I have cultivated here have about 10 grams worth of sugar.


But it isn’t just about the sugar content.


There is a moderate amount of acidity, and a juicy, firm flavor in these deep red tomatoes.


So far, it hasn’t been terribly hard to grow tomatoes— thanks to my <FarmingMaster> Skills, it has been made relatively easy.


It seriously is a cheat. Every farmer on this world would be angry at me.


“What is this!? Delicious! What were those tomatoes I ate before!?”


Kuro quickly consumed the tomato.


“Try this cabbage too!”


“Ha, this just looks like grass, it can’t be– tastyyyyyy!?”


“Mhm! Sweet, crisp, and delicious!”


Fresh, delicious cabbage certainly has its merit.


I took out even more vegetables such as eggplant, paprika, carrots, broccoli, and asparagus from my <Infinite Storage>.


They were harvested at the appropriate seasons and saved here. They are as fresh as if time had stopped.


Bake them with olive oil and sprinkle on a little salt and pepper. Doing only that, the essence of the food is drawn out and made more delicious.


“Try this too.”


“Munch munch munch!”


“Om nom nom!”


Kuro began to become friendly with Shiro over stir-fryed vegetables.


“You seem to be enjoying the food~”




Kuro stopped reaching for food.


She began to realize what she was doing.


With a lot of vegetables in her mouth, she tried to put on a tough front. “I-i-i-it was more tasty than I expected! H-however, this doesn’t mean that you win!”


“Well, you still haven’t been eating a full fledged dish.”




Kuro-chan’s true competition starts now.


I could hear her say shockingly to Shiro, “Oh, if I eat more than that, what will I do…?”

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