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Chapter 73 The Apple Tree of Life, Apple Pie

After savouring the pizza to the last bite, Kuro left saying,


“I-I specially consider this time as a draw then! I will come again so let’s settle it once and for all next time!”


Well, if you translate it, it becomes something like ‘I will come again to eat something delicious, so prepare some good stuff!”. What are you? A tsundere?


And immediately on the very next day, Kuro appeared again.


“Li-like I said yesterday, I have come again!”


It looks like she really wanted to have some of my cooking.

If that’s the case, you could have just said so.


“I-i-i-it’s not li-like I wanted to eat your cooking or anything, alright?!”


Yep, tsundere.


“If you had just admitted your defeat, I could treat you everyday, you know?”


“Nn, everyday would be like being in paradise~”


“Eh, really….? Wait..”


*Shake *shake* *shake* – Kuro shook her head earnestly as if to shake off the temptation.


“There’s no way I will fall for that!”


“Oh, which reminds me, there was some leftover pizza from yesterday.”




As I brought out a freshly baked pizza from my ‘Unlimited Storage’, Shiro and Kuro both came biting. They are like dogs who don’t know how to ‘wait’.


“Nomnomnom, yep, delicious!”


“Ha? What am I doing?!” said Kuro, coming back to her senses, looking troubled.

On the other hand, Shiro just kept on eating.


“Hey, leave some for me too!”


“I don’t care~ nomnomnom”


“Aahh! You already finished it all!”




“By the way, that was the last piece.”


“Youuu!! Spit it! Spit it out right now!!” said Kuro, drawing closer but Shiro stuck out her tongue and feigned ignorance.


Kuro.. you… there’s no need to cry for it.


“I-I-I-I am not crying!!”


“Calm down. I will make you something delicious today as well, okay?”


Saying that, I took out some fresh apples from my ‘Unlimited Storage’




Shiro bit my whole hand with the apples.



Nnn~ sweet! Delicious!



“Um, Shiro-san? Can you stop chewing my hand?”


Pulling myself together, I brought out more apples.

I also brought out some grapes, bananas, and pineapples.

All of which were harvested in this farms orchard.


Not letting Shiro bite onto me again, I asked Kuro,


“Have you eaten any fruits before?”


Dragons don’t seem like they would eat fruits after all. Vegetables too.


“Do-don’t make fun of me! Umm, that! Watermelon? I had that before!”


Watermelon is a vegetable though… Well, I guess it also depends on the classification.


“It was mostly water and didn’t have any taste of blood though.”


“Dragons’ taste standards depend on blood, eh….”


Putting that aside, as we are doing it now, I want to use some rare ingredients this time as well.


And thus, we came to the large forest.

It was a forest near Tira’s home town. We went deep inside the forest, where even elves don’t tread upon.


“Nn, such a big tree.” Shiro said while tilting her head almost 90 degrees.


“It is said that this tree has created this world, it is the ‘Tree of Life’.”


It was an enormous tree, which stood towering over all the other trees.

Most of the trees in this forest were as tall as skyscrapers but this one is easily over a 1000 meters.


It’s height is 1124 meters.


That’s double the height of the Sky Tree.


“Our ingredients for the day lie on the top of this tree.”


“It will be a pain to climb.”


“It will easy-peasy if we just return to dragon form and fly.”


I could have used teleportation magic but that would be dull so I decided on climbing normally. I quite like the tree-climbing in games.


While Shiro and Kuro ascended in their dragon form, I climbed by jumping from branch to branch.




“Oi, why are you faster even when you are climbing normally?!”


I ended up overtaking the dragon daughters.


“Oh, Kuro, there are some monsters coming.”




It was a gigantic hornet monster.

It was about 1 meter tall and there were a total 7 of them. Their stingers stabbed Kuro all at once.

……But, without being able to pierce the Bright Black Dragon’s hard scales, the stingers snapped instead.

With a swing of Kuro’s tail, the whole flock of hornets were eradicated.


But another flock appeared immediately afterwards.

It seems like they have a nest nearby.


Killer Hornet’s honey is known to be super high-quality.


“Alright, let’s collect that.”


I plunged into the hornets’ nest.

The hornets came attacking one after another but I kept advancing while also lightly deflecting them.

Collecting the bright, glowing, golden honey from within the nest, I immediately broke-out.


To check the taste, I tried licking it a bit.


“Tastyyyyy! This is the first time I have had honey this sweet!”


“”Me too! Me too!””


“Later. Oi, you’re drooling quite a lot there.”


Dealing with the large group of hornets chasing us, we kept climbing even higher.

We had encountered other monsters like monkeys and bird-like ones but we easily knocked them out and had finally reached the summit.


Mysteriously enough, the branches at the top had spiraled, making footholds, leading to a large space.

And at the center of that area, there was a tree which had looked like a smaller version of the larger tree.


“Is that the Apple tree of Life?”


Attached to that small tree, were apples, which were glowing a bright red.

It is said that this apple can even bring the dead back to life.


“Do they actually come back to life?”


They do.


They do!?


But only in case of slight injuries.


“Would you become immortal if you eat it?”


No, as one would expect, it does not have that much of an effect. But it is said to rejuvenate the body. For master who is already quite young, it will improve your status. Moreover, for the next few decades, you would not suffer from any disease.


Woah, as expected of an ingredient I acknowledged.

Incidentally, this apple tree only bears one apple every few months. However, that one apple is as big as a person’s head.


Using something like this just to make something delicious – we’re living quite luxuriously, huh?




After returning to the farm, I began cooking at once.


Uwoah, this apple is really packed with nectar.

Restraining myself from eating it as it was, I started cutting it into cubes.

Then I boiled it with sugar and butter.

As the apple itself is quite sweet, using low amount of sugar would be better.

And in the blink of an eye, the cottage was filled with a sweet scent.


“Quick, quick, quick!”


Shiro was excessively urging.


“It will be done soon so wait a bit.”


Using time magic as usual, I boiled the apples together with the dough for the pie in an oven. The fragrance of the roasting dough drifted throughout the cottage.


Shiro and Kuro were already standing by, in front of the oven.

Oi, your drool, do something about that drool!

I took it out from the oven and served them two pieces.


The moment they put it in their mouth, they both said loudly,






And then flinging their clothes off, they became stark naked.


I also munched down the pie.




The crispy sides, and as I adjusted the insides while boiling, the texture of the apple had also turned out crisp.

But the best of it all was the taste.


I never had an apple this delicious!

And as expected of The Apple Tree of Life! My body is overflowing with energy.

The part between my legs was also in full throttle!

Nudity inevitable!

I also threw off my clothes.



We kept eating the apple pie.


It is quite the bizarre scene when looked at from the sides.


As I finished eating the apple pie, I began working on the next dish.

Using the ice cream made from the queen minotaur’s milk, deluxe mousse, the honey we collected from the killer hornet’s nest, and the freshly picked fruits from the farm, I made some parfait.


““Swweeeeeeeeeeettt?!”” shouted Shiro and Kuro as the sweet bomb exploded inside their mouths.




“Tasty! Tasty sweet!!”


Even though they are dragons, I guess girls really do like sweet stuff.

And then, they kept stuffing their mouth with it, making an enchanted face.




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