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Chapter 74 Orc Lord’s Tonkotsu Ramen

“It’s-it’s not like I want to e-eat this guy’s cooking…. it’s not like that… it’s not like that but…!”


Even though Kuro was spouting such nonsense, she had come over to my place once again today.

What happened to her initial objective?


Kukuku, I will let you drown in the tastiness of my cooking again today….

I wonder how long she will be able to hold that attitude?



“And so, today’s high class ingredient will be this.”


“E-wa-oi oi, why a monster like this?!”


The place I brought the dragon daughters to was the barn established beside the farm.

It was at the most inner portion of the barn.


A monster of about 5 meters, with an enormous pig head.

Its weight probably crossed 10 tons.

Of course, it was not just any normal orc.


Orc Lord.


The highest ranking orc, which only rarely appears.

It’s danger degree was determined to be an S; A monster which could even destroy a whole country.

It was now lying inside a cage at the most deepest part of the barn.


Even the God Dragon, Kuro, frightenedly asked,


“Wh-what happened to this?”


“I caught it.”


It coincedentally appeared within Rain Empire’s territory so I went to subjugate it.


“After all, orc meat can be quite delicious depending on the orc. They appear quite rarely so I thought why not use one as an ingredient for a dish. So I tamed it.”


Even with Monster Training-Master, taming an S rated monster was quite difficult.


“That thought process… it is a little weird for a dragon like me to say it but… I think it is quite odd?”


Incidentally, it is said that two orc lords do not spawn at the same time around the whole world.

And therefore, by keeping this guy alive, we can avoid a disaster somewhere else caused by another orc lord. Killing two birds with one stone.


I mainly fed it the corn I harvested in this farm.

Similar to pigs, orcs, too, are omnivorous. Had I given it any kind of meat, the orcs meat would harden and that would decrease its taste. To make it get fat properly, it seems like varieties of wheat are good.


“I will taking a little of your meat and bones.”


Saying such slightly bizarre curiosity-seeking words, I used time magic to stop the orc lord’s time.

After quickly taking a bit of the necessary parts, I used healing magic on it.

And in the blink of an eye, its wounds healed.


Using this method, it’s possible to acquire semi-permanent ingredients.


“What are you going to make today?”




“Raamen…. eh, what is with that stupid sounding dish?”


Kuro raises her eyes in suspicion.


“It is a kind of noodle dish— well, even if I do say that, it isn’t like dragons have noodle culture.”


Seeing is believing.

And thus, I started making ramen without delay.


Using the wheat flour harvested from the farm, I made the noodles.

Making it properly so that it becomes a bit chewy.

And then, I made them straight to be easily used in soups.


The soup will be tonkotsu dashi.

Of course, I will be using the orc lord’s bones.

Especially since the knee joint has quite a good flavour, I will use it as the main one.

Carefully boiling it for a long period of time, I thoroughly extract its good flavour.

Although I can compress it to one part of a hundred with time magic.


And of course, the one thing most necessary in ramen, roasted pork fillet.

Using the meat of the orc lord on an exclusive fireplace, I make the outsides crispy and the insides juicy.

Cutting that in luxurious portions, I drop it all on top of the noodles.

On top of that, I also used the freshly harvested green onions and the nori (edible seaweed) for the toppings and it is complete.


They were already drooling having smelt the rich odour of the finished tonkotsu ramen.

In front of the two—- I, alone, started eating the ramen.




The soup is so good!

The noodles are so tasty!

The pork fillets are just perfect!

What is with this top class ramen!?


“I want to eat it too!”


“Let me have some too!”


Shiro and Kuro came leaping at me with drool hanging from their mouths.






But they crashed into an invisible barrier and let out a scream.

They were blocked by my barrier.




As if they were thrown to the utmost bottom of hell, they looked up at me with astonished faces from the other side of the barrier.


“Well, you see, I let you guys eat quite a lot till now but now that I think about it, they were all for free, weren’t they?”


To my sound argument, Shiro and Kuro leaked a soft “Uuuee”


“Well, you guys did help getting the queen minotaur’s milk and the apple of life so that is all good but this time, you did nothing at all.”






They let out yet another whimper.


“And so, if you want to eat, do something interesting for me. Let’s see…. you guys are pets so try imitating a dog like a pet.”


“Do-don’t be stupid! We are God Dragons! There’s no we are—”


“Woof woof! Woof Woof!”


“—-We are doing it?!”


Shiro easily degraded down to a dog.












“Woof woof!”


Showing her belly, she sprawled on the floor with her face upwards. She completely became a dog.


“That’s a good girl, Shiro. You can eat.”


“Woof, woof!!”


Shiro jumped onto the ramen.




A God Dragon, being happy like a dog.

So amusing.

Like a do—- dragon, she kept eating the ramen.


“How is it? Don’t you want to have some too, Kuro?”




“Alright, roll three times and woof!”


Kuro was in conflict for a while but not being able to resist to the good scent of the ramen, she also rolled on the floor barking ‘Wo-woof!’








“Guuuu… Wo-woof!”




“Such-such a disgrace! To think I, Kuro, would… would imitate a dog…!”


“Alright, you can eat too.”




“You can stop the dog imitation now.”


The two dragons were going nuts over the ramen.


“What is this meat?! Extremely delicious! This is the first time I have had meat like this!”


Kuro was astonished by the pork fillets.


“So the meat I had been eating up till now wasn’t meat….”


“No, meat is meat.”


After that, they had 4 servings of ramen.

Now then, I do still have the good pork meat, so I kinda want to try making that as well.


And so I prepared the orc lords roast meat once again.

Applying the appropriate amount of salt and pepper on it and covering it up with wheat flour, I dipped a broken on top of it with breadcrumbs.

And so, boiling it a bit with oil…. And there, we have our breaded pork cutlet.








“Hey, that’s not fair! Me too, me too!”


They had 5 servings of ramen but their appetite showed no signs of stopping.

They even quickly ate up 5 servings of breaded pork cutlet as well.

At this point, they were both completely naked.


But still, it’s amazing how they can eat so much oily food like that.

Well, they are dragons so I guess it is okay.


“We had deep-fried meat and roasted meat so next up is smoked meat.”


And so, I tried making Frankfurt sausages using the meat from orc lords stomach.


As you bite into it, it makes a nice crispy sound and the juices from inside flow in your mouth.



“I wanna have some!”


“Me too, me too!”


“Then, say ‘I want to have master’s piping hot sausage!’”


“Do-don’t fool around! There is no way w—-”


“I want to have master’s piping hot sausage!”


“—She said it without any hesitation?!”


It’s Shiro’s way of life, to do anything for good food.


“Then… I will put it in, Shiro”


“Nn, come”


And so I put it (sausage) into her mouth.





“Nowww then, next up is Kuro, right?”


I give a scumbag smile and bring the sausage in front of her mouth.




“You want it, don’t you? Right? You want it? Say it. ‘I want to have master’s piping hot sausage!’.”


“Kuuhh… I don’t want it… Even though I don’t want it… “


Even though she was drooling all over….


“It looks like your body is more honest than you.”


“I…. want… to- to have master’s piping hot sausage!”


I put in the sausage in her mouth.




Oh man, this is so much fun.

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