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Chapter 75 The Light Fluffy Omelet from Roc’s egg

Feeding the dragons sausages was just too fun so I got carried away and played with them a little more.


For example, teleporting a sausage just between them–to which, both of them showed a surprisingly fast reaction and bit into it.






As the sausage gradually decreased between them, so did the distance. But the two of them, being so engrossed in eating, did not realize that at all.

And before long, when the sausage disappeared from between them,




Their lips bumped into each other.

To the surprise kiss, Kuro face became pale with shock.


“You—What do you thin—?!”


Kuro had tried to run away from it, but Shiro had firmly held onto her shoulder.

Who knows how Kuro thought of that conduct, her face was now blushing.


But, it was not like Shiro wanted to kiss her or anything.

There was still some sausage stuck to her face and she did not have her fill yet. So gluttonous.




As this continued, Kuro face became more and more red with shock.

And, after awhile, steam started coming out of Kuro’s head.


“Nn, thank you for the meal.”


After Shiro had finally let go of her, she just collapsed there in place.


“Afu… Ahya.. Uhyaa….”


“? You okay?” said Shiro, looking down on Kuro who wasn’t moving an inch.


Hehehe, yuri sure is nice…..





“And as such, this time’s high-class ingredient we will be aiming for is here.”


“And as such? What such…?”


“Nn, I can’t wait.”


I had brought the two dragon daughters to a certain mountain’s base.


The sacred mountain, Marhorn.

At an astonishing height of 12,482 meters.

Even taller than the tallest mountain on Earth, Everest.


And, our ingredient is at the peak of this mountain.

Normally, the journey would take several days but I rode on the dragon, Kuro’s back and headed for the top at once. Shiro too, was sleeping on Kuro’s back.


“—Wa-Why do I need to let you guys ride on my back?!”


“You lost at rock-paper-scissors, remember? And 5 times too, at that.”


“Kuuu… such a disgrace!”


By the way, Kuro uses rock 8-9 times out of ten.

And so, she is unbelievably weak at rock-paper-scissors.


The more we rose up above the sea level, the lower the atmospheric temperature became.

It is a region which is warm throughout the whole year but when you rise to more than 8000 meters above sea level, you could see snow piling up.


And before long, we reached the peak.

At the top, there was an enormous bird’s nest.

Even Kuro in her dragon form would completely fit in it.


“What is this huge nest…..?”


“This is the nest of the Legendary bird God, Roc.”


“Bird God!?”


It was a huge bird covered with red feathers which appeared in folklore.

However, it was not anywhere close and in its nest, there were a few eggs. All of which were burning red, big enough to fit Konishiki (Sumo wrestler).


It is very unusual for the Roc to stay at one place for a long time so it might have already moved to a different location.


“Leaving its eggs?” Shiro asked, tilted her head in confusion.


“They are all unfertilized eggs,” I answered Shiro.

Nabiko-san added,


Rocs are parthenogenesis. They only give fertilized egg before they are about to die. It is said that that is how they are born again.


And that egg hatches even if it is not warmed and the chick born from it grows up on its own.

Being a legendary bird, it has quite the interesting ecology.


I decided to borrow a few of the eggs in the nest.

They are unfertilized anyway so if I just leave them like this, they will just rot.

When I touched them, they were pretty warm.


And, at that moment.

A high-pitched cry echoed from above my head.




When I looked up, there was an enormous bird there, at least of about 15 meters tall.

Looks like it was still close by.


“Oi, what will you do?! It came back!!”


Even the dragon daughters were panicking.


It seems to be angry at me for taking its eggs.

I mean, I thought it should be fine since they weren’t even fertilized but I guess that won’t work, huh?


Opening its mouth, it launched huge fireballs towards us.

Due to its super high temperature, the surrounding snow melted all at once.

But, the eggs were fine. That red shell probably has some resistance to heat.


As for us, we had teleported behind the Roc using magic.

Sensing our presence immediately, it tried to raise its face.


“I will have you sleep for a while.”


Before it could do anything, I got close to it and used ‘knocking’ on it.

It lost consciousness and fell close to the nest.


Let me explain!

According to a certain gourmet battle manga, knocking is when you hit the head of a living creature to provide a shock to a nerve tissue in the cerebellum making it paralyzed temporarily! The place to hit differs from living creatures but there are gourmets who do it with their bare hands too, it seems!


“Wait, wait, wait, wait, that is the bird God, you know?! How are you able to knock it out so easily?!”


“From now on, call me the knocking master”


“Will we eat this too?”


“I wonder if Rocs are tasty…. At least, its eggs are known to be best quality ingredients.”


No one probably caught and ate a Roc before.


“It might be delicious depending on the parts.”


My instincts are telling me that.


“Well, since we did capture it, let’s take it back to the farm for now.”


I carried the fainted Roc and returned to the farm.

I might be able to use it as a semi-permanent source of meat like I am doing with the Orc lord.

It won’t probably wake up anytime soon but I guess I will bind it with chains just in case.


“First, we use these eggs to start cooking.”


Bringing out the huge egg from the Unlimited Storage, I cut the gold-like hard shell with a hand slash.

I poured the insides of the egg into a custom made huge bowl which I prepared beforehand.


Roc bird’s eggs are said to be fresh even a few years after being laid, so, considering the Roc was still there, this one must be quite fresh.


“Uwah, I could make so much with just this one egg.”


But I purposely decided to use one whole for one dish.

After adding the proper quantity of sugar, salt, and pepper in it, I started whisking it…. With my own strength.




This way, it is much faster than electric ones.


After pouring a huge amount of butter on a huge frying pan, I also poured the whisked yolk in it.

Now comes the hard part.

To fry it up evenly, I need to handle the pan and the temperature well.


And soon, the huge omelet was completed.


When I placed it on a plate, it wobbled like a pudding.

From the golden fried omelet, the rich mellow fragrance of the butter filled the room.



“”Let’s dig in!””


Shiro and Kuro plunged into the huge omelet with their face first.






“Soft! So soft!!”


“It just melts inside the mouth!”


You can enjoy many different tastes from an omelet depending on the sauce.


I had prepared the standard tomato sauce, the demi-glace sauce, white sauce, Japanese sauce and also different kinds of curry sauce.

Moreover, if you add maple syrup or fresh cream on top, you could also enjoy it as a dessert.


“So tasty!”


“All of them are so goooooodd!!”


“Ohh, the curry taste is pretty good too.”


Then, with the dragon daughters, I kept eating the omelet.



“Korraaaaaaaaa!! What is with you guys?! Not only did you steal my eggs, you also captured me, the bird God!! Are you guys kidding me?!”


An angry voice came from behind.

But we were too engrossed in the omelet so we ignored it.


“Wha–ignoring me?! Face this way!! Wait-that, isn’t that my egg?!!”


There was something squealing angrily behind us.

It was noisy so I thrust a spoon of omelet in its mouth.




“Here, you have some too.”


“Wa-why would I eat the egg I la—-it is tastyyyyyyyy?!!”







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