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Chapter 76 I also tried feeding the Roc

A scarlet-haired girl was eating the food I made deliciously.


“Tastyyyyyyy! This, this is really tasty! What is this, this tasty food?! —Wa–It is my eggs isn’t it?!! Why do I have to eat my own eggs—-”


“Here, try having the cream one next.”




As I put it into her mouth, her anger turned into amazement.


‘Master, should we not confirm what this girl is first?’


No, that can come after omelet.




After that, Shiro, Kuro, a mysterious girl and I ate omelet together.

I had made two more new dishes in the middle so I ended up using three eggs altogether. It would probably be equal to 20,000 normal eggs. When that is divided among 4 people, it scares me to think about the calorie.


Leaning back on the sofa, she dozed off while patting her big belly.




“Ouhh, I can’t eat anymore…”


“Ahh, I had my fill. It sure was delicious..—-Wait, that’s not itttttt!!!” the girl said, standing up with her big belly.


“Why am I just fitting in normally?!”


She is retorting to herself…


“Who is this person?”


“Now that you mention it, she was here before I realized.”


Shiro and Kuro said. You only noticed it now?


“I am the legendary bird God, Roc!”


The scarlet-haired girl shouted, dishevelling her hair.


Looks like the Roc can also take human shape like Shiro and Kuro.

I had bound her by chains but if she just makes her body so small like that, she could easily get out of it.


By the way, her appearance was of a girl aged 14-15, just like Shiro.

She is probably still a young chick.


“Give my eggs back!”


“No, like, you just had them yourself.”


“Sh-shuuuutt up!!”


The girl made a regretting face and fell to her knees.


“In the first place, that egg was unfertilized so it would be a waste to leave it like that.”


“But I had named it and was caring for itt!!”


You had named it too……?


“It’s okay, the eggs are now part of our blood and flesh.”


“Yes, yes, they are continuing to live inside of us.”


“That’s not the problem here!! Rather, who are you people!? Being all familiar with me, the bird God!”


“Nn, we’re comrades who ate the same food.”


“Those were my eggs, you know!?”


The little girl changed back to her real form as if to display her anger.

Oi, if you transform inside it would be too tight.


“bird meat…*gulp*”


“Let’s make her into teriyaki!


“Kuueeeee?!! (You plan on eating me, too?!!)”


Even the legendary bird looks like food to Shiro and Kuro now.


“Kuee, kue, kueeeeee!! (I will burn you all up!!)”


The Roc started spitting out flames.


“Oi, stop it. Do you plan on burning down the whole cottage?”




I used knocking on the Roc once again.


“How is a human suppressing me so easily?! It is weird!!”


As I just restricted her movements and didn’t take away her consciousness, she was still able to keep shouting while on the floor. By the way, she had returned to her human form.


“Nn, because he’s Karuna.”


“I, too, realized recently that you can’t think of this guy as a human.”


“Or rather, what are you guys?!”


To answer the Roc’s question, Shiro and Kuro transformed into dragon form.


“Dragon Gods?! The famous black and white dragons who are always on bad terms?!”


She said with her eyes wide open in shock.

Shiro and Kuro then returned to their human form.


“Nn. But now we are Karuna’s pets.”


“Yes, we are happy being this guy’s pe—-Wrooonnggg!! I don’t remember being his pet!!”


“Kuro, there’s a sausage remaining, if you want it, give me three rounds and a woof.”





“Alright, good girl. Here, you can have it.”


“Woof, woof!”


Kuro came happily biting into the sausage.


“You’re completely his pet, aren’t you?!


Yes, see? I have trained Kuro so well.


“Rest assured, Kuuko.”


“What is that name?! Don’t call me by weird names!”


“I will train you properly too so that you can’t live without me.”






“So, Kuuko? Do you want it?”


“I-I want it… I want more….”


Teasing her like that, I put that in her mouth.


“Nnnnn! Tastyy!”


Kuuko said happily.


“What is this tasty food?! Eh, it is called pudding?! Wow! To think my eggs would be this delicious!”


As the second stage of the Roc’s egg cooking, I tried making some pudding.

Also using the queen minotaur’s milk. The two super high-class ingredient displayed amazing synergy, creating an ultimate taste.


Kuuko easily surrendered with this.


“If you can make such delicious food, I can lay as many eggs as you want!”


Eggs can be used in many dishes.

If I can use the Roc’s eggs, my recipes will grade up even further.


“We won’t eat Kuuko?”


Shiro asked while licking her lips with her tongue.


“St-stop that, okay?!”


“Let’s try.”




I tried taking some meat from her like I did with orc lord.

As the time is suspended when I take the meat, the person feels no pain and can’t even confirm.


“Hmm? What just happened…..?”


Watching Kuuko be confused with a side glance, I started cooking right away.


Teriyaki, fried bird, tandoori bird… etc, etc.


I would have made some oyakodon (bird and egg on rice) if I had some rice.

Unfortunately, I have yet to acquire rice in this world.






“Tastyyyy!! What is this?! Ehh, my meat?!! This is cannibalism!! But it is tasty so I guess it is okay.”


Roc bird’s meat is quite tasty.

The three’s ratings of it are pretty good as well.

Much better than the normal bird meat and can rival the juicy Nagoya Cochin meat. And it is also a bit elastic so one can feel the food being chewed.


And with this, I was able to acquire some delicious bird meat.


“So, what happened to your battle, Kuro?”


“Eh? What battle? More importantly, what will you be making next?”



Kuro had completely forgotten her initial objective.









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