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Chapter 77 Twin Angels


After leaving the Rain Kingdom, we rode the RV for the first time in a while and headed east.

“Where are we going now?”

“To the demon tribes island.”

They did tell me they wanted me to visit once.

“We would need to cross the sea, though.”

“Yayy! The sea! It would be my first time!”

Firia, who was just born as a magic doll, had knowledge about the sea but it was going to be her first time seeing it.

“Ah, I have never been to the sea either.”

“Me too. It is like a huge river, right?”

Looks like Tira and Eren did not see it either.

They were both born in the inland districts, so I guess it is not that unusual.

“The sea. That is something else entirely. You can’t compare it to a river.”

Shiro said, expressionless like always.

“Then, I shall show you how to have fun at the sea…. Fufufu….”

“…..That way of laughing feels kinda unpleasant….”

Of course, sea is equal to swimsuits.

“Haahaa, Tira-sama’s swimsuit appearance… Guhehehe….”

Seems like Lucifer is imagining something as well. That’s quite a lot of drool….

“?! Wh-what is this heavenly power?!”


Immediately after, something descended on top of the route NAVIKO was moving on.

With a thunderous sound, it crashed into the ground and rocked the van with intense shockwaves.

‘An extremely strong hostile individual appeared ahead.’

Naviko-san’s warning echoed inside the van and we got out.

Dense clouds of dust rose from the ground.

From inside that, she came out.


I ended up reflexively muttering that.

They looked that much alike.

The face was almost the same.

However, in contrast to Lucifer’s long blue hair, her green hair was only long enough to reach her shoulders.

Their breast size was also different. Lucifer’s ones are big but hers are quite small.

Their expressions are quite different too… She looked really cold.

Gabriena – 824 years old.

Race: Angel

Level: –

Skill: [Heavenly power – Master]


She seems to be the same as Lucifer, an angel.

She also had pure white wings on her back.

“If is isn’t Gab-chan.”

“You know her?”

“Yes. She is my cute, little, twin sister.”


No wonder they look alike.

“Gab-chan, did you miss me so much that you came to meet me? Fufufu, as usual, you really adore me, don’t you?”



The angel called Gabriena cold-heartedly rejected Lucifer’s words.

“……Sister…. How, did you get out? I, with 100 other angels, sealed you…. With all our strength… Even you should not be able to do that….”

Yep, it was me who let this pervert out into the world.

“Fufufu, in short, it was the power of love! The red string of fate binding me to Tira-sama!

Thanks to that we met and some stuff happened and we succeeded in breaking out of prison!

Right, Tira-sama?”

“No, that’s wrong.”

Even Tira rejected Lucifer.

Wait, my efforts have been summarized to ‘some stuff’?

“Sister… I want to confirm just one thing….”

“What is it?”

“Will you reflect on your actions… and refrain from doing anything unworthy of an angel…. Can you promise me….?”

“Of course- ”

It seemed like Gabriena was relieved to hear Lucifer’s words but,

“—that is impossible!!”

She was frozen after that declaration.

Trembling, she let out heavenly power from her body.

“………Then… I will capture you… again… and this time, make you go through… rehabilitation….”

“Why won’t you understand me, Gab-chan? We did all that together before, didn’t we?”


Gabriena’s cheeks became a little red.


But then immediately became cold again.

“…….I want to forget…. That dark past…..”

“Everyone has fetishes, even angels. To protect my fetishes, I will oppose even God!”

Lucifer…. You say some good things once in awhile.

To her appearance of not yielding her path, I was a little moved.

At the very least… I want her to not bother others…–or so Tira muttered but I shall pretend I did not hear.

“……If it’s something you can oppose, then go ahead and oppose…..”

Gabriena’s heavenly power concentrated on one point and created a sword.

–Pair of angel swords, Jioram: Gabriena’s special twin swords. Offense: +1000

She was completely serious.

Lucifer was panicking.

“Wa- Are you serious?”


The next moment, Gabriena’s figure disappeared and appeared before Lucifer and kept striking without mercy.


Lucifer also manifested her heavenly spear and was stopping her.

Immense heavenly powers collided with each other, creating fierce shock-waves.



We were being blown away.

“….You guys should not come close…”

After giving us the warning, she went on slashing her swords without mercy once again.


“I do not want to fight my lovely little sister!”

“…….Sister, can you understand my feelings…?”


“Because of you… even I was treated as a pervert behind my back…. Saying stuff like ‘oh no, my underwear will be stolen if I go close to that girl’ or ‘she will make you pregnant’…… can you comprehend how embarrassed I felt….?”

….You have my condolences.

“What is there to be embarrassed about?! I would be excited!”

“…….Sister, your head is crazy….”

“You are the one who is crazy! What is wrong with being a pervert?! Pervert banzai! I take pride in being a pervert!”

Towards the two complete opposite twin sisters, Tira declared,

“No matter how you think about it, Lucifer is the one at fault.”


Tira sent more support towards Gabriena,

“Gabriena-san, good luck! I am cheering for you!”

“……….I will do my best……”

“You should normally be supporting me, right?!— Fugyaaa?!”

As if Tira’s cheering worked, Gabriena’s attack finally reached Lucifer.

“Guu…… A-as expected of Gab-chan….”

She fell to her knees.

“Heavenly Punishment Chain Bind”

As Gabriena muttered that, huge snake-like chains appeared out of nowhere and completely bound Lucifer.


“That chain….. So 200 angels used their power to…. Bring about that chain…. Even I can’t… escape this… I will be… taken to the heavens….”

Being bound by huge chains, Lucifer could not move.

But she was wearing a smile of composure.

“Fufufu, it is useless. Unfortunately for you, I have strong allies now.”


“Karuna-sama! Please save me!”

Lucifer asked me to rescue her.

Sure, if it is me, I could destroy that chain and drive away her sister… but,

“I think it is better for you to return to the heavens like that.”

“I-is that so…..?”

“I shall return her.”


To Tira’s words, not letting me talk, I also had to agree.

“See ya, Lucifer. Be well.”

“Whyyy?! Please save mee! If I am taken to the heavens, I will be forced to lead a continent life!

Just imagining it makes me wanna dieeeeee!!”

“Please rehabilitate her properly.”

“Nooooooo! So crueeellllll!!”

And so, the pervert angel was taken to the heavens.

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