Are Bandages Bathing Suits?



It had been several hours since the pervert angel went away.

The NAVIKO slowly came to a stop.


“We’ve arrived at the beach.”


We all went outside and were greeted by a vast expanse of sea that stretched out as far as the eye could see.

The water was so clear, this was an incredibly beautiful beach.



“Oh, it’s so big…”

“So this is the sea huh… It seems pretty strong.”



All the members of my family had their own reactions.


“Since we came all the way here, we should go swimming!”


And so I used my (extreme crafting) skills to make bathing suits.


“Here, a bathing suit for you, Tira.”


I handed it over to Tira so she could try it on immediately.


It was a micro bikini.


“There is no way I could wear something like this!!”


As soon as she accepted it, she threw it down onto the floor.


“Don’t worry, don’t worry. It covers all the important bits. Here, you dropped it.”

“The problem is that it only covers the important parts! Also, I didn’t drop it, I threw it away! You should be able to tell such things!”

“That’s strange. People would normally wear these kinds of bathing suits where I used to live.”

“Don’t lie to me! Who could wear something so shameless! You will not trick me into wearing this!”

“Look over there then.”


I pointed behind Tira.


“Tsk… Is, is it really considered normal to swim in something like this…?”


Eren had just come out of the changing room.

She was wearing the micro bikini that I had given to her.


Hmm, yes, she was practically naked.


The cloth was covering a nearly negative amount of space.

Of course, there was no way they could support Eren’s enormous mounds, and even the slightest movements would cause the circular flesh to shake heavily.


And below that was… SELF CENSORED.


“Someone is wearing it!! Wai-, Eren! Why are you wearing that?”

“I, I was told that I would become strong if I put this on…”

“You will not! You are being tricked!”

“Wha… Tsk, he conspired against meeee!”


Eren frantically retraced her steps to the changing room.

Well, it was a nice view while it lasted.


Tira was glaring at me with reproachful eyes.


“…Don’t play with Eren too much. She is quite weak in the head.”


That statement just now, don’t you think that just a little harsh towards Eren?


“Perhaps you will be fine with this one then.”


I handed over a different bathing suit to Tira.

This one was a normal bikini.

But her eyebrows still narrowed.


“Don’t you agree that this one still exposes too much skin? It is practically underwear.”

“No, no. This is what a bathing suit is.”


I tried to persuade her, but I was basically the boy who cried wolf at this point. She looked at me with untrusting eyes.

With no other options, I pulled out yet another bathing suit that I had prepared.


“…Well, this one is fine.”


Tira grudgingly nodded and went off to the changing room.

Eren came out just as she went in.


“See, you should have just given me something normal like this to begin with.”


This one was a slingshot bikini.

It was in the form of suspenders with some cloth covering the breasts and crotch in a Y-shape, but it left lots of cleavage and side-boob exposed.

To be perfectly honest, this was incredibly erotic as well, but I guess the other one had been so extreme that she saw this as normal in comparison. She was so cute and stupid.


After a short while, Tira and Filia came out of the changing room together.


“Matching with mom!”

“Yes, we match.”

They were both wearing the same type of bathing suit.

They both had a patch sewn to their front that had their names ‘Filia’ and “Tira’ written on with a marker.



In other words, it was a school bathing suit!



Woah, it looked good. Great.

It wasn’t very skimpy, but there was something exciting about it.


Plus, it was an elf in a school bathing suit. That was rare, right?

To be honest, I had wanted Tira to wear this from the beginning!


Perhaps Tira had sensed my mounting excitement because she suddenly covered her breasts with her hands.


“…I don’t know, I feel like someone’s looking at me lecherously… Hey, by the way, what happened to Shiro?”

“Mm. All prepared.”


So saying, our house pet, Shiro appeared before us.


Her perfect white skin was exposed to all. In other words, she was naked.


“You aren’t ready, are you!? What happened to your bathing suit!?”

“I will swim like this.”


Shiro declared.


“You cannot! You must wear the bathing suit!”

“Why? I bathe naked. So the sea should not be a problem.”

“It is a problem!”


There are amazing places on Earth known as nudist beaches.

I would love to go, just once in my life…


“Don’t bother. I am a dragon. Unlike, humans,  I don’t care to wear clothes in the first place.”

“But you should still wear clothes when you have the appearance of a human. How many times must I tell you!”

“I don’t care either!”

“Nobody asked you, Karuna!”


I sighed in resignation and decided to make a different suggestion.


“Well, what about a bandage?”

“Yes. That is fine.”

“A bandage!? We are talking about bathing suits right now! What are you saying!? Never mind, I am sure it’s something that I don’t even want to hear!”


Ultimately, under much persuading from Tira, Shiro finally agreed to put on the micro bikini.

As for me, I was wearing a speedo.

…Eh? Useless information? I already knew that.


“Okay then, let’s go swimming!”


I dashed forward in front of everyone.

I ran through the completely empty, white and sandy beach and jumped into the water.


“Woohoo, it feels great!”


A little bit later, Tira and the others followed me to where the waves beat the shoreline.


“Waaai! Booom!”


“Agh, it’s pretty cold.”

“Ick, what is this! It’s salty!?”


Filia and Shiro jumped boldly into the water like I did, but Tira and Eren entered timidly as if they were scared of something.


After that, we chased each other in the water, played beach volleyball and made sand castles.

Shiro alone stayed in the water the whole time, napping as she floated on the water.


“Well now. I think it’s time to bring it out.”

“…What are you talking about?”


It happened right as Tira had cocked her head to the side at my prophetic words.


“Hyaaaah!? Ah, ah, there is something tangled around my legs!?”


Eren suddenly broke into a scream.

I looked and saw that something like a slimy, thick and shiny rope had tangled itself around her leg.


Right after that the surface of the water rose and in the middle of it appeared a gigantic shadow from beneath the sea.

It was a creature with numerous tentacles that looked like a sea anemone.


Yes, it was time for my tentacle monster!!


“In the next chapters, will the heroines be attacked by the tentacles…!? Please look forward to it!”

“What are you saying and to whom!?”




Yes, a bandages are bathing suits.

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