You Can Do It, Our Tentacle Monster




A tentacle had grabbed Eren by the ankle and was now hanging her upside down, high into the air.


“Why, you!”


As she twisted around in the air, she used a to grab the tentacle that wrapped around leg and tried to sever it. But she had left her sword in the camping car.


“…! I can’t hold it!?”


The surface of the tentacle was so slimy that Eren’s hands would just slide right off. Yet in the meantime, several other arms were rushing towards her.


“…Mmmm…Ah…no, Noo…”


Eren was now bound by four tentacles.

They touched the areas around her buttocks and neck, and she let out a suggestive scream.


“That’s it, tentacles! Do it even more! Come on Filia, let’s cheer for the tentacles together!”

“Yes! Go, go, tentacles!”

“Tsk… I will not give in to something like this…!”


Eren was grinding her teeth as she attempted to endure the attacks of the tentacles.

Hehehe. But how long would this resistance last?


“Now, the breasts! Attack the breasts next!”


“Ha…wait, ahhhhh…


Eren’s whole body was now completely slimy.

I was getting more and more excited.


“Goood, now go inside of her bathing suit too!”


“…no, not in there…”


Then it happened.”




Tira had shot out a wind blade towards the tentacles, severing the ones that were holding Eren.


Now freed from the bondage, Eren fell down into the water with a huge splash.


“Ugwah… Th-, thank you, Tira!”

“But more importantly, what is up with this perverted monster!”


Tira shouted angrily as she continued to cut down the onslaught of tentacles with her wind blade.


But the numbers of tentacles seemed to be endless, they would continue to attack no matter how many she cut away.

It was only a matter of time until she would become a victim herself.


“Go! Go! Ten-ta-cles!”

“Go! Go! Go!”


I and Filia raised our fists into the air and cheered the tentacles on with all of our hearts.

At this point, we were practically its cheerleaders.


By the way, while all of this was happening, Shiro continued to sleep as she floated on the water.

She was indifferent to her surroundings as ever. I just hoped that she didn’t drift off into the sea.


“I, I’ll do something about the tentacles! Tira, I need you to prepare some kind of powerful magic in the meantime!”



Eren and Tira started to coordinate their movements.

Eren moved protectively in front of Tira and started to hit the tentacles that were coming for them.

As she was doing this, Tira started to chant the words of a spell.


“Hey, watch out tentacles! Don’t let them cast that spell!”

“Don’t let them!”


I don’t know if the monster understood what I was saying, but the tentacle monster began to use all of its arms in a desperate attempt to stop Tira’s magic.






At Tira’s signal, Eren jumped out of the way.

In the next instant, Tira’s advanced magic was released.


Lightning crashed, and bolts of electricity struck the tentacle monster.





I and Filia screamed in unison.


The tentacle monster had been hit directly by Tira’s magic attack and was now burned to a crisp.

Half of its proud tentacles were now gone, and it was breathing its last breath.


“It’s not over! Don’t give up! Everyone is depending on you! You can’t just die when you were so very close!”


I sent such words of encouragement and also enacted an advanced healing spell towards the tentacle monster.

As we looked on, its wounds started to heal, its former slimy beauty was now returning.

The now healthy tentacle monster resumed its attack on Eren and Tira.


The hero had returned. I yelled with exhilaration.


“Now, go! O tentacles! Make our dreams come true!”

“What, what have you been doing all of this time. You…!!”




After that, I was in huge trouble.




◇ ◇ ◇



“Um…Tira? Can you let me out now…?”


I asked fearfully.


“No, you may not. You must stay in there longer and think about what you’ve done.”


But Tira’s reply was cold.


As a punishment for what I had done, they had buried my whole body in the sand with only my head sticking out.

I’ve been like this for over an hour now.

Just staring on as the others played and had fun at the beach.

I am so bored.


“Well, actually the world seen from this angle is not too bad. Eheheh.”

“You don’t seem the least bit sorry!?”



Tira had stomped on my head.

Though, I must say that having a beautiful girl in a school bathing suit stepping on me with her naked foot, was rather a treat!


“Tira, we found it!”


Right them, Eren’s voice came from the direction of the sea.

Tira nodded towards her.


“It seems that the executor has finally arrived.”



I had a very bad feeling about this as I turned my head towards the sea.


There in front of us was a completely different tentacle monster.

It appeared to have been led here by Eren who was poking it with her sword. It was now coming right towards me.


“Rejoice, this one is female.”

“…You wouldn’t.”


Cold sweat ran from my forehead.


“I hope that you will not try to escape?”


Tira said to me with a frightening grin.


In the next instant, countless tentacles charged towards me at the same time.

Some of them stabbed into the ground, and through the sand, they came for my body…




A man was being violated by a tentacle monster.

What happened after that was something that would benefit no one.














Actually, it felt quite good once I got used to it.











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