Pirates’ Extermination

We’re currently sailing on the ocean using NAVIKO.

It’s prow splitting the water as it moves along.

While we’re at it, we made it able to transform into a ship as its fourth form.


The weather is nice.

The ocean’s surface shines brightly under the sun.


It’s free to go on the deck for some breeze or enjoy the view inside the ocean by the window of the ship.

Filia’s face has been stuck by the window since earlier yelling “Fiiiish”, “Jellyfish”, “Shaaaaark” with joy. So cute.


There are attacks from the sea monsters once in a while but I just let the interceptor system do its job.

Once Naviko detects an approach from the enemies, it activates its torpedoes and repels them.


From the beach sailing through the ocean, we’re currently heading to the island where demons live.


The big breasted general, Ouka, who had led the in invading army to Ekbana, said that if there’s an opportunity she wants us to stop by.

It seems like her country has the same culture as Japan, even I want to try going there once.


It’s still visible from the beach so it probably has the same distance as the Seto Inland sea that is in between the China region and the Shikoku region.

We’ll probably arrive there after 3-4 hours.


“I’ll go swimming!”

“Hey, monsters appear so it’s dangerous”


Filia, who probably got tired of just watching, changed to her bathing suit and then jumped in the ocean while Ellen hurriedly went after her.

A Merfolk type of monster, Gillman appeared just then but Filia unknowingly kicked it away with her flutter kicks.


Meanwhile, after setting up a summer bed and a parasol on the deck, I was laying down while relaxing half naked.

It’s quite warm today so it makes me sleepy.


So peaceful.


but then, it was when we were enjoying such a peaceful voyage,


“Isn’t that a ship?”


Tira said as she points towards the northeast.


“It surely is”


A pretty large ship is sailing in the ocean.

Given the course that they’re heading, they’re about to collide with our ship.


By the way, the ship has a risen flag with a skull mark in it.

Yep, you’ll know that’s a pirate ship in just one look.


『“That pirate flag belongs to the Soil pirates. They’re famous in this area”』


Naviko-san told us.

I see. It’s perfect kill time.




◇ ◇ ◇




“Chief, some hot woman was on board”


We were restrained by a rope and now currently on the pirate ship’s deck.


“Hou, she’ll sell fo’ a high price”


The captain with a rough tone who’s looking at us with appraising gaze was surprisingly a woman in her mid-twenties.

Though she’s tan, it turned out rather attractive, making her quite a beautiful lady.


“Throw ’em to the cell. They’re valuable items so don’t dare damage ’em”


“……Yer the only one who ain’t got much value, I’ll take you on later”


The female captain leans towards me as she licks her lips.

You serious. I’m looking forward to that.


Is what I thought for a moment but it seems like she won’t be doing something pleasant but rather, the opposite of it so I refuse.


“Hey, papa. Is it okay now?”


Filia was feeling restless, wanting to hurry up and run wild. Same goes for Ellen.


“Yeah, go ahead”

”“Yeaaaay! Eii!”


Along with a lovely shout, Filia rips off the rope that was binding her.




The rope that one wouldn’t be able to be cut that easily got torn off with great ease; the pirates were stunned.


“Who’s the one who used a weak rope?!”

“Th-There’s no way boss! They were indeed tied up with a sturdy one!”

“Then if so, there ain’t no way for it to break that easily. Oi, hurry up and restrain her again”

“Roger that!”


The female captain grew annoyed and the crewmen hurriedly tries to get close to Filia in an attempt to capture her.







But the mighty seamen fell down to the sea, easily blown off by Filia,


“It’s certainly is a weak rope”

“Hmph, don’t dare think that you can capture me with this”

“…… Hnn”


Following Filia, I, Ellen and Shiro break free from the rope by force.

The only one left is Tira.


“……Umm, I think it’s impossible for me to do something like that which is far from normal…… Wait, huh? Maybe I can……? Hnn……”


Tiara’s face turns red as she exerts her strength.


“Oh, it’s the first time you made such expression, it’s somehow cute. But don’t push yourself too much that you might end up farting”

“P-please don’t say strange things!”


Along with her retort, the rope that was binding her was torn off,

As expected of the retorting type of heroine.


“Tsk, there’s no helping it! I don’t care even if you hurt them a little so capture them once again!”



The Pirates pulled out the knives that were hanging on their hips, all at once.

They’re about two hundred of them huh.

We have now commenced the overall cleaning of the pirate ship.


“Hoi. Eii. Woo”





All the pirates that came attacking us got knocked down, over and over again.

I, just like throwing away a trash, threw them on the ocean.

Since honestly speaking, they are a little bit dirty.




“It’s coming here?!”




As they innocently run away on the deck, the one that giving them fear is Filia.

Behind her adorable features is an outstanding power of an evil humanoid.


“There’s not even a need to draw my sword”

“Wh-what’s with this woman?”

“She stopped the sword with her bare hands?!”



Despite being inferior to Filia in terms of power, the title of the strongest in Alsarah kingdom, the mighty Princess of destruction isn’t just for show.

With pirates on their level, just having a taste if her first will make them fly a few meters on the air before crashing on the sea.


“Damn it, these guys are bad news!”

“Aim for the elf!”



“Um…… You’re quite smelly so can you please not go near me…..?”


“She just told me that I stiiiiiiink!”

“G-get yourself together!”

“! Hey, the magic’s…… Gyaaaaa”


While hurting the pirates with incisive words, they got blew off by Tira’s wind magic.




Realizing that there’s no need for her to fight, Shiro lies down on the deck and sleep. How can she even sleep in such situation…..


“Tsk, they’re just women! What are you guys doing!?”


The female captain shouts as her men get defeated one after another.


“Can’t be helped. I’ll do it”


And then she herself stepped in.


“Hah, seems like you can fight a little. However, who do you think I am? I’m the descendant of the legendary great pirate So— Bugyaaa?!”

“Take this!”


In the middle of her speech, she received a blow around her body from Filia making her fly and crash to the mast causing her to faint in agony.

Yep, Filia. Maybe it was better if you have read the atmosphere at that moment.




◇ ◇ ◇




“I can’t take it anymoooore…. I wanna go back to the laaaand…… Hic……”

“Ch-chiiiiieeef?! Then what will happen to your dream of becoming the Pirate King?!”

“No waaay… Cuz, monsters like that appears……”

“Where did the usual chief goooo!?”

“Ahh, this is impossible…… The chief has entered her infantile regression…… Seems like it’s the end for the Soil pirates……”


It seems the group of pirates that were completely crushed by us broke up soon after.


“thank you for saving us”


That aside, there were girls who were captured by them inside the pirate ship so we released them.

Though I said girls, their lower body is of a fish’s.


In other words, mermaids.


Apparently, they have been caught by the pirates and were planning to sell them to the slave merchants.

Many of the mermaids are good looking so it seems like they can be bought at a considerable high price. In fact, the captured mermaids were a bunch of good looking ladies.


Anyway…… These girls, they don’t hide their breast huh…… Haa, haa.


There are about five of them but everyone is no doubt exposing their chest.

Even if I look at it, they don’t show any signs of discomfort or shyness, it’s probably a normal thing for them.

Oh, what a wonderful race they are!


“Why are you only staring at a specific part?”

“I’m not, I’m not”

“You’re drooling though?”

“Hey, stop picking my nose with your wand, my nostrils gonna get stretched out”


Tira was grinding her want on my nostril.


“Um, if it is okay with you, would you like to come to our village?”


Said one of the mermaids. She’s the one who has the fairest shape of breast among them…… Is it touching really an NG?



“Yes. It’s located under the sea but with our magic, even humans would be able to breathe under water. We really like to give our thanks for saving us”


I see. Looks like ms. Mermaid is quite sincere.

While nodding, I of course, asked the question that should be asked here.


“By the way, does all mermaids in your town looks like that?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. Unlike humans, we do not practice the act of wearing clothes”

“We’ll go”


There were no other option than that.


“Isn’t your motive a little too impure?!”

“It’s not like that. Just thought that we shouldn’t let their kind action go to waste”

“Then why are you making such indecent expression?!

“My face is always like this”



Ah, why won’t you deny that?!


With that, we are now heading to the boobs Paradise.

Devil’s island? I’ll save that for later.



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