We Arrived to the b*obs Paradise (※Its actually the mermaids’ village)

It was a weird feeling.

Even though I’m underwater, I can still breathe and I don’t get wet at all.

It was all due to the effect of the mermaids’ magic.

…… Well, in my case, I have a skill to live in the water so I don’t really need it.


The mermaids who we have helped bring us to their village.

It’s as if I’m Urashima Tarou.


“Everyone! We’re back!”


Once the mermaid babe that brought us here— her name is Ryuna-san— waved her hand, the mermaids within the vicinity turned around.


“Eh, Ryuna?”

“No way, weren’t you caught by the pirates……?”

“Tatsuna and the others are also here!”

“So you guys were safe!”


The mermaids flock towards us all at once.


“Yeah! These humans over here saved us!”

“I see!”

“Thank you!”






I unconsciously screamed.


The mermaids aren’t wearing any clothes.

That’s why their b*obs are completely visible!

What’s generously exposed right in front of my eyes are raw b*obs, b*obs, b*obs, b*obs, b*obs!


Not to mention, each and every one of them is a bunch of beautiful women.


So the paradise was located here! Imma live in this place!


“…… you’re having a nosebleed……”


Tira said something with disgusted eyes but the current me ain’t able to hear any of it.


”I’ll show you to where the clan leader is!”


We continue walking in the village, following Ryuna’s lead.

A bunch of pure white houses and corals surrounding it.


“So beautiful!”


Just like what Filia said, it really is a beautiful town.

Occasionally, a school of a fish passes in front of us.

And the resident mermaids who we occasionally see, indeed have the b*obs exposed completely.


“Right. We should also take our clothes off, right Tira?”

“I won’t though?!”

“But I will!


I put my hands on my pants.


“Wai-, stop, please don’t take your clothes off!”

”Hn, this is natural ”

“Wait, why is Shiro’s also taking her clothes off?!”


Shiro was already naked.


”I’ll take off my clothes!”

”Even you, Filia-chan?! You can’t!”

”But papa’s doing it too”

”Wait, didn’t I tell you not to take that off!”

”It’s not like I’m taking my clothes off because I want too. it’s purely for the sake of friendship between humans and mermaids!”


Ellen was surprised by my claim.


“Indeed, there is a saying that when in Rome do as Romans do, I shall also take my clothes off……”

”Ellen-san! Don’t let him fool you so easily!”

”Ah, everyone, you don’t have to take off your clothes”



My plan was all shattered due to Ryuna-san’s words.

Please read the atmosphere here……


By the way, the lifespan of mermaids isn’t really different from humans, but unlike humans, they still look young up until they due.

It seems like that’s the reason why there’s only a bunch of young women in the village.


Also, there are no male mermaids.

It seems that some of the females temporarily have a change of sex during the breeding season.

Oh what a wonderful yuri(gl) system! As I though, I will permanently live here!


We soon arrived at the house where the clan leader lives.

I’m sure that she’s also a real beauty. Full with expectations, I entered inside following after Ryuna.


”Ohh, so you people are the saviours of Ryuna and the others. We welcome you”


The one who welcomed us was a dried mermaid.


”…… Huh? That’s weird. She’s a mermaid but she’s a wrinkled old hag……”


I furiously blinked.

yep, it’s that. I’m sure that I was just temporarily hallucinating.

I lightly rub my eyes and look at her once again.


And what was there was indeed a wrinkled old hag.

Her chest even hangs down to the bottom of her navel.

It’s so horrifying to the point that the spirit that I’ve gained after seeing all those b*obs feels like being destroyed.


”Aren’t mermaids look young up till they die……?”

”Well that’s because I’ve been living for hundred fifty years”


said the old hag clan leader and she look from afar.


”Why did you live so much……”

”that remark is terribly rude!”

”Can you at least wear some clothes? My eyes are about to rot”

”Kakkakka! Your a human who loves to joke I see!”


No, it ain’t a joke. I’m serious.


「”Anyway, tonight’s a feast! Our dear guest, enjoy it to the fullest!”




◇ ◇ ◇




A grand party was held at the plaza located at the middle of the village.

A lot of mermaids gathered.


From the mermaids who were serving— b*obs.

From the mermaids who were dancing— b*obs.

And from the mermaids who were singing— b*obs.


both left and right are full of raw b*obs, b*obs, b*obs and b*obs,

Ahh, this place is indeed a paradise after all……


By the way, it seems like I saw something nasty earlier but I already drove it away to oblivion so there’s no problem.


”How’s it? Are you enjoying?”



A monster suddenly appear in front of me so I suddenly screamed.

Her dropping breast enters my sight.

Uwoooh, my eyes, my eyeeeeees!


”You’re overreacting. Is my naked body look that appealing to you?”

”It’s catastrophic! Stop wiggling your hips as you pose! My eyes will rot for real! I’ll die!”

”Kakkakkakka, you don’t have to be shy. You can grope it if you want”

” My hands will rot if I do that! My cells will die in an instant!”


Plus, how in the world will you be able to grope that.

You can only pull it, nothing more.

looks like it can insanely extend……


”I’m feeling a little sleepy for some reason……”


When I was talking to the one and only disgrace of this village, Tira suddenly mean her head on my shoulders.

Uwoah, what with this suddenly honest situation?! Is this what you call God sent?!




Is what I thought but something’s strange.

Tira who rarely sleeps in front of people just fell asleep in an instant.


”……I’m sleepy…. too……”


Ellen totter her head and then collapse.




Right afterwards, I was also attacked by sleepiness.

Ah, they put some sleeping pills in the food.


”Forgive us, our dear guests. We have no choice but to do this in order to protect the village”


While looking sorry, the wrinkled old hag said in a heartless tone.


”You people will be sacrificed to the sea god”




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