Sea God-sama



It seems sleeping medicine has been placed in our meal.

Well, I have〈Abnormal Status Resistance・Extremity〉and〈Natural Healing・Extremity〉, so it’s doesn’t affect me though.


“Patriarch!? What in the world did you do?”


Ryuna who brought us to the village notices something was off and raises her voice.


“I will have these fellows be the sacrifices for Sea God-sama instead of the village’s people. Especially these two girls, I think they are the Sea God-sama’s cup of tea”

“That is……! Do you not know that these people saved us!?”

“……Forgive me, Ryuna. This is also for the sake of the village. We cannot offer any more sacrifices”



Ryuna and the Patriarch argue. Looking at how the other mermaids are also surprised, it appears that this is solely the Patriarch’s decision. You shitty old hag.


I asked.


“Huーmph, Sea God-sama huh. What kind of a fellow is it?”

“It is a gigantic twin-headed monster. It was sealed at the bottom of the seamount very long ago and worshipped, but it seems like it has awoken recently. And then once every month, it shows up in the village and abducts the girls……”

“A development that appears very commonly in folktales huh”


Such as Yamata no Orochi.


“ーーwait, why are you, not asleep!?”


, the Patriarch who finally realised that I’m doing fine raised a shriek-like voice.


“Nn……I got a little dizzy”

“Mama, what’s the matterー?”


Not just me, it didn’t affect Shiro and Filia either.

Since they’re a Dragon and a Magic Puppet.


“Wh, why did it not work……? It is an amount that should have kept you asleep for an entire day……!”


The old hag swings her drooping breasts like a swing in astonishment.

Guoo……what a psychological attack that is……!


I turn my eyes away from that repulsive thing as I use recovery magic on Tira and Ellen.

Both of them woke up immediately as well.


“……Ah, I should’ve done some lewd stuff while I was at it”

“I can hear you!?”


It was at the very moment when Tira shouted.

Something like a beast’s roar resounds from afar and the mermaids who were gathered in the plaza screamed.


“Tsk! This is, it is the Sea God-sama’s voice! Everybody, evacuate into a building!”


The Patriarch gives directions to the mermaids loudly.


As the curtain of the night falls, a gigantic shadow can be seen slowly approaching the village from the other side of the dark sea.


“Dragon huh”


It’s a Twin-Headed Dragon.

An Aquatic Sea Dragon with blue scales and from what I see, I think its span is slightly more than fifty meters.


I use <Appraisal・Extremity> and try to check more in-depth into it.


“It’s an Ancient Dragon that lived for over a thousand years. In that case, it’s an Ultra Dragon class huh”


Dragons can generally be divided up into three grades, Lower Dragons, Medium Dragons, Superior Dragons.

Superior Dragons are the strongest, for example, a Red Dragon is worthy of being a Superior Dragon.


However, there are Dragons above Higher Dragons and are regarded as a legendary grade, and they are the Ultra Dragons.

If there are Dragons that get placed into this class based on their species then there are also cases of Ancient Dragons that lived a long life evolving into Ultra Dragons.

The Sea Dragon before our eyes is the latter.


“An eye of an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and then a Dragon for a Dragon. Which is why, Shiro, I’ll leave it to you”



My pet has guessed her master’s intention and was already on standby in nude. No, she’s just simply got naked like usual though.


A white Dragon shows itself after Shiro’s body radiates dazzlingly.

Although she’s usually in human form, her true form is a species of Divine Dragon that’s placed above that of Ultra Dragons, the White Bright Dragon.


“Wha, wha, whaa……”


Upon seeing a legendary Dragon that suddenly appeared, the old hag couldn’t even stand properly.


“I’m off”


After saying just that, Shiro leapt into the water and traversed in it at a tremendous speed.

The Sea Dragon is about ten times the size of Shiro.

Nevertheless, Shiro instantly closes in fearlessly and releases a shockwave from her mouth.




One of the head raised a shriek upon suddenly taking a hit.


“”It hurtsー! What are you doing all of a sudden!””


It has a pretty childish tone despite being an Ancient Dragon.


“”It’s that Dragon’s doing!””

“”Huh, isn’t it still a Baby Dragon!””

“”Furthermore, some nerve you have to fight us in the water!””


As the two heads are exchanging such a conversation, they retaliated by baring their fangs and attacking Shiro.

However, Shiro swims leisurely in the water and easily dodges the Twin-Headed Dragon’s attack.


“This fellow, she’s pretty fast!”



Shiro’s shockwave is dealing damage to the Twin-Headed Dragon instead.


“”Shit, how about this!””


All of a sudden, a whirlpool manifested in the sea. I guess that Sea Dragon caused it. The whirlpool that spins at a high speed swallows Shiro.


“”Ahaha, it’s impossible to escape from there! Have fun swirling in there and dying at the bottom of the sea!””

“”Nn? I can get out easily if it’s something of this calibre””

“Uwaー? She got out easily!?”


Looking at Shiro who easily escaped from the whirlpool, the Twin-Headed Dragon raised a shriek.

Afterwards, it pretty much went one-sidedly.

As one would expect of a Divine Dragon even though she’s a Baby Dragon. Furthermore, the Ancient Dragon couldn’t get close to Shiro at all despite the sea being their playing field.


Maybe because the Sea Dragon that’s beaten black and blue judged that it can’t win by its strength, it protested.


“”Why are you getting in our way even though we’re both Dragons!””

“”Yeah, yeah!””

“”My owner’s order””

“”Owner? You, you’re being owned by the likes of mermaids despite being a Dragon?””

“No. My owner is a human”

“Pupupu. Yielding to a human, what a pathetic Dragon you are!”

“I can’t go against delicious food”


Shiro replied that and bit into the Sea Dragon’s back.



“”It hurts!””

“”……Tough. But, I may be able to eat it if it’s cooked?””


“Please don’t eat us!”


The Twin-Headed Dragon who learned that they may be cooked up begged for forgiveness in a pathetic voice.


“”It’s fine. I won’t leave anything leftovers””

“”That’s not the problem here!””


“That’s enough, Shiro. Let them go”



I said to Shiro and she readily removed her fangs from the Sea Dragon’s scale.


, at that moment, I notice that the Sea Dragon’s body suddenly started to shrink and, before I know it, it transformed into a human boy with two heads.

I guess they humanized. Rather, as I thought, their two heads stay the way they are even when they humanized huh…….


It seems that the boy judged that I’m Shiro’s owner so he kneeled before me and begged.


“”Please forgive us!””

“”We don’t taste good anyway!””


Indeed, they don’t look that appetizing.

Well, putting whether or not to eat them aside. I ordered the both(?) of them in Dragon Language.


“”I shall have you return all the mermaids that you have abducted until now””


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