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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 96 – Conclusion



 And then, after carefully going through the documents we had prepared, he signed it.




I also checked the documents and accepted it. And then handed it over to Sei. All that’s left is for Sei to submit the copy to the trade guild.


“…Alright then, Vuld-sama. Let’s call it a night with this. Time is valuable, after all. To me, and to you as well.”


“Oh my, you’re being quite hasty now, aren’t you? Well… you are a president of a company so I am sure you are busy but from this point onward, I am jobless. Do I have any time worth that much?”


Saying such, he was still laughing.


To which, I wore a puzzled expression and replied,


“Oh? ….But I think you’re far more busier than me, though. After all, someone who has lost his job needs to inherit another business.”……….Continue Reading



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