Chapter 144 You couldn’t scare me


“Thanks for the help, everyone. I’ll be returning to my room for now.” Jing Yan said as she was helped up by Dong Sier with a dry smile before turning around to leave.


“Be careful, Miss Jing Yan! The snake might recognize smells and might come after you at night. You’ll have to call for us then!” Jing Yue shouted. Jing Yan’s steps fumbled, and she nearly fell to the ground again.


Jing Yan was obviously scared by what Jing Yue said. The same night, she reported things to Granny Yun, who called people into the academy to search everywhere. Wherever they looked, they couldn’t see the snake. By then it had probably escaped. After a few comforting words, she convinced everyone to leave without concerns.


Returning to their room, Jing Yue, Shanggong Linglan and everyone else couldn’t help but burst into laughter. It was quite cathartic to have caused such a commotion.


Seeing how scared Jing Yan was, Ning Xiangyuan had forgotten all of her own fear. The room was filled with laughter and conversation.

“Jing Yue, you’re so skilled. Not only can you grab the snake, you’re amazing at throwing. See how scared Jing Yan was, she barely had any color left in her face!” Shanggong Linglan gazed at Jing Yue with admiration as she spoke, her tone full of laughter.


“Didn’t I say that I grew up in the forest? I can grab snakes several times the size of this one. How could a snake this big scare me?” Jing Yue raised her chin proudly, sipping on the cup of tea in her hand.


“Haha…that’s true.” Shanggong Linglan laughed out loud.


“It’s good that you were there. If not, the rest of us would probably have embarrassed ourselves.” Ning Xiangyuan said gratefully, looking at Jing Yue. “If you hadn’t caught that snake, we would have ran outside in disarray. With all the people outside, we would have made fools of ourselves.”


“Hmph, how could so many young ladies have gathered out there for no reason? Someone must’ve set it up.” Jing Yue said calmly, setting down her cup.


“Jing Yan deserves it. It’s her turn to suffer now.” Shanggong Linglan said with a smile, “Let’s see if she dares try anything else with us now. If she does, we’ll return the favor and make sure that she can only avoid us in the future.”


“Hm…well, then, let’s go to bed.” Jing Yue said, standing up. “We’ve really gotten onto her bad side now. In the future there’ll be plenty to do.” Jing Yue said with a yawn, climbing into her own bed.


“Huh? Then..then what should we do?” Liu Miaoqiu said, her face slightly pale.


“What do you mean?” Jing Yue pulled her blankets close. “This school is so boring anyways. Just treat it as some fun on the side.”


“But…she’s from the minister’s family.” Liu Miaoqiu’s eyes were filled with concern.


“And I’m from a general’s family!” Shanggong Linglan said, standing up. “Miaoqiu, don’t worry about it. With me and Jing Yue here, she wouldn’t dare pick on you.”


“That’s right. Although my father isn’t in high ranked, we’re not a family to pick on either. Don’t worry.” Ning Xiangyuan said, walking up to stroke Liu Miaoqiu’s hands. Hearing what the others said and seeing the genuineness in their eyes, Liu Miaoqiu’s eyes started to grow red and puffy.



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