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<Chap. 25 – To Bueyo (2).>






While Kim Tae-Hoon was active in Incheon-si and brought about many changes to the city, there were also many changes in Bucheon-si.

The most notable change was none other than the start of the cultivation of farmlands.

The results from the cultivated land, connecting the Han River and Goolpocheon over the winter, began to show little by little as spring arrived

“It has finally begun.”

“The first year of farming has begun.”

The harvest will not immediately provide self-sufficient quantity to the survivors, but securing farmlands and starting the cultivation will minimally provide a faint hope for the future.

“Now, let’s go to Incheon!”

“Let’s depart!”

Also, the manufacturing for additional solar panels, using the left over materials from the Kwangmyung-si Solar Panel production fact

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