Chapter 29 – Returning Home


“Well, what do we do with these children now?” I pondered.

We just came back to the dungeon, I was a bit afraid of leaving it unattended, so I blocked the entrance with a huge rock, this was already put back on the item box though.


Around twenty ex-slave girls are next to me, they’re all trembling while looking left and right, wondering why were they brought here.

Iluna isn’t around because she was too tired by this whole ordeal, so she went to sleep with Shii, who was very happy to have Iluna back.

“Did you actually think on what to do now?” Lefy asked me.

“Not at all, I don’t have a clue.” I answered.

“… I was hoping you didn’t plan as little as it looked like.” Lefy sighed, I could see where she was coming from though.

“Well… Do you… Do you all have a home to return to?” I asked the girls.


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