Chapter 31 – Remodeling the Dungeon (Part 1)


I will give the dungeon a makeover today, there were only intruders here at first, but more people are becoming residents, so it’s about time for a change in appearance.

That said, I have no intention of making it like an RPG’s dungeon that has many floors going underground, my ultimate goal is to make it look like fitting residence for a final boss, a Demon Lord’s castle.


Something similar to Anor Londo would be nice. I don’t want to make it that wide though, it’s just important to have dreams.

This reform will be the first step towards that goal, so I opened my status to check how much DP I had… Which made me realize something. “I got another strange title.”

Name: Yuki
Race: Archdemon
Class: Demon Lord
Level: 35

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