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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 37 Alishia Kingdom

Alishia kingdom.


It is one of the most prominent, flourishing countries in the world, located at the north-west part of the continent. Its population is also a head above the neighboring countries and it is also developing more in comparison. They are focusing most of their efforts on magic tool production and so if one was planning on buying the latest magic tool, they would want to get one from here.

Of course, since Alishia kingdom advanced in the development of magic tools, their military technology is also leading other countries and they are mostly leading the fight with the demi-human.


And this Alishia kingdom’s current king is called Raid Glorio Alishia. He is a mediocre king but his reputation in governing the kingdom well is high and the public’s support for him is strong.


“Now is exactly the time we should make our move!!”


—-And now, there was a young man appealing to the king.

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