Chapter 22 – Idle Talk: The Man Named Yuki[1. Idle Talks are chapters that usually come from the point of view of other characters and don’t directly influence the story, but give you a bit of a notion on how they view the current situation. This chapter is from Lefy’s Point of view.]

He is a strange man.

“Why was big bro fine after falling from such a big height?” Iluna asked me.

“Oh… That is… Yuki had a magical pendant that protected him.”

Iluna is still a little girl and she never saw anyone that lived as long as me, this small vampire gets easily excited while hearing stories about Yuki and ends up believing most of what I say.

Knowledge and common sense are things that you need to construct, one can’t know about it if nobody ever tells them.

Yuki is… A wonderful, but strange man.

This guy would be unremarkable if he was just another Demon King ruling over a dungeon, but Yuki seems to be completely different from the rest of his kind…..Continue Reading

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