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Marquis of Grand Xia – Chapter 134 (Part I) – Strong Momentum

At the Minister of Internal Affairs, there was a sound of hooves, the door was knocked open, and the thirteen Red Guardsmen went straight to the Department of Minister of Internal Affairs on their horses. It was such a red scene that it looked very shocking.


The first man in red stopped in the horse. On his cold, handsome face, there’s no hint of human emotions at all. In the middle of his eyebrows, there was a bright red mole, releasing the light of a demon.

“Wugou, how are you?”


Before stepping into the Department of the Minister of Internal Affairs, on the first two front rows, an old man suddenly spoke with his eyes closed. His old face was filled with traces of the ages.

In the hands of Yin Wugou, a blood-stained bag was thrown out, it was flying in the air. Then, it was opened, and a human head fell onto the table in front of the blind old man.

Since he had finished his mission, Yin Wugou turned and left, and he hadn’t said anything from the beginning to the end.

“This Yin Wugou is becoming more and more arrogant, in his eyes, there’re no rules at all.” Next to the blind old man, a middle-aged man in his green clothes said.

“Haha, but you have to know that he has never failed, neither have his twelve guards in red. Tell me, among you green guards, who can do the same?” A beautiful woman facing the middle-aged man in green said so.

The middle-aged man snorted and stopped talking. Although he was unhappy, this is an undeniable fact.
“Well, don’t argue anymore. Now, we should think of a way to deal with this order sent by the Imperial Court. This is the top priority for now.” Opposite to the blind old man, a grey-haired man suggested.

“He’s a kid, what’s there to be worried about? He’s just lucky, that’s all.” Beside the beautiful woman, a strong man snorted too.

Opposite the “coward” man, a man dressed as a scholar gently swayed his paper fan.

“Yan Zishu, do you dare to compete with me?” The strong man’s facial expression changed, and he yelled while hitting the desk.

“Anytime.” The scholar closed his paper fan and answered without fear.

“Have you argued enough?” The atmosphere suddenly got more serious. The blind old man spoke suddenly.

Suddenly, the strong man and the scholar went quiet, and the rest of the people who were there did not dare to say more, all were just quietly watching the old man.

“This Marquis is not someone simple. Also, I’m sure you all know who’s supporting him behind.” The blind old man said.

“Her Majesty The Empress.” Everyone thought of the most privileged person in the whole of Grand Xia. And they looked more serious.

“Does it mean that we have to take every arrangement of a kid? Me, Jin Tu, will be the first one to disagree.” The strong man could no longer stand it and he started to be furious.

“I don’t agree.” Yan Zishu tapped his paper fan lightly, and very rarely, he came to consensus with Jin Tu.

“I disagree.”

“I disagree.”

The beautiful woman and the middle-aged man in green also expressed their opinion.


“Ding Yu, what do you think?” asked the old man.

“Can…” The white-haired old man was about to open his mouth. Suddenly, his look changed, and he said in a low voice, “he’s coming.”

Right after that, a white figure passed by, and in just a few steps, the figure arrived in front of them in an incredible speed.

Getting near to the main seat, Ning Chen took a look at the four people below him, and he said plainly, “it’s my first time meeting you all. Can you please introduce yourselves?”
“Yuan Weng.”


“Ding Yu.”


“Zhao Ji.”




“Jin Tu.”


“Yan Zishu.”

The six people got up and respectfully replied. No matter what, the Marquis was appointed by the Empress and the Three Grand Dukes to act as the Minister of Internal Affairs. They still know about the basic rules.

Ning Chen quietly looked at the six people in front of him. According to the news of his spy, the entire Minister of Internal Affairs has been controlled by these six people, first led by Yuan Weng and Ding Yu, for the remaining four – Zhao Ji was working for intelligence, Lu’Suan for finance, Jin Tu for assassination and Yan Zishu for the organization of important information in the whole Department.

The division of duties has been clear. Also, there has been a respected hierarchy in the Department. All of them are also decisive and extremely organized. This is the impression that he had for the Minister of Internal Affairs.

“What I want is very simple. From now on, I will have the final say of everything.”

After he finished, Ning Chen could feel his body getting warmer, he turned over his palm, and tried to press down an indescribable pressure.


It was impossible to make the six people utterly sincere when he first got his power. The only means was to suppress any disloyalty relentlessly. Right now, what he needed was not the loyalty of these six people, but their fear.


The six people’s looks instantly changed, and they were working together to release their internal power, fighting against the one inside Ning Chen that’s getting stronger and stronger.

Ning Chen’s look remained unchanged. He tried to increase the power of another two streams of air inside his body. Suddenly, he could feel the temperature drop.

“Bang bang bang…”

The stone blocks under the six people were broken, and the slightly weaker Lu’Suan had a bit of blood at the corner of his mouth. One of his knees was slightly tilted, it was obvious that he could not stand this horrifying pressure.


Ning Chen acted ruthlessly, his hands pressed without hesitation, again another strong pressure was released, making all the six people knee, and all of them had blood in their mouths.

“From today, I will be the chef of the Minister of Internal Affairs. I hope you all can cooperate.” Ning Chen waved his hand and retrieved the boundless pressure; he watched the six people kneeing on the ground and snorted.

“Yes” They lowered their hands and answered in unison.

“You may get up.”

“Thank you, Lord.”


The six people got up, looked at each other and all could see the complex emotions through each other’s eyes. No one expected Ning Chen to be this strong. However, it wasn’t their first time to have to endure temporarily.

“Can someone tell me why the Minister had to send the Red Guardsmen?” Ning Chen’s eyes were staring straight at the old man and the white-haired one. There was no doubt that the decision had been made by one of the two. Although the remaining had a relatively profound background, their statuses were still much lower than these two.

“The Lord of the Ying City is secretly holding an army, it’s clear that he was planning an opposition. According to the law, he must be killed!” Yuan Weng responded respectfully.


Ning Chen slightly frowned, and he snorted. He thought, he’d be a huge idiot if he believed in that. Everyone knew how righteous the lord of the Ying City was, and because of that, he’d offended many nobles and privileged people. There were countless people who looked forward to his death. It’d be very easy for the Minister of Internal Affairs to think of a reason to get rid of him.

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