Chapter 32


――”Warning the neural system beyond is out of range”――


A red warning sign appeared on the upper display of the BISHOP. “Thanks for the warning,” Tarou said as he closed the display and did the final checks on the overdrive gear.


“Koume, what’s the expected margin of error after jump?”


“Yes, it’s around 34,000 kilometers at max, mister Teirow.”


“Got it. Maar, How’s the overdrive? It looks pretty good to me”


“The engines are warmed up so it’s in perfect condition. I think there’s no way for it to lose its way.”


Tarou squints his eyes at the new monitor that he made himself and checked the number of radioactive rays, the existence of any moving obstacle and such. He then made some slight adjustments after taking note of the effects these would bring to the BISHOP. As the time limit for jumping in the stargate presses, falling out ships who probably miscalculated their jump, can be seen at the huge monitor on the wall behind Tarou.


“In the end, almost half didn’t make it. Though they’ll probably try again at the jump that’ll be happening an hour from now, I still feel a bit sorry for them.”


Maar murmured as she looks up at the huge monitor….Continue Reading

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