This is just a teaser for now to see if any readers are interested in this novel. There will be teasers for two other BL novels. The reason? Well reader numbers for god of thunder is very poor. If I cannot find a suitable Chinese novel to add to Heavenly Star then I will just look for Chinese translations of a Japanese or Korean novel

Rebirth of MC – Chapter 180 (Equivalent to Chapter 182 of the Chinese

original version) – Finding A Doctor In The Pharmacy


Long Zhanye was holding Huo Zaiyuan to leave from the space, and the sky began to get darker. A fierce, cold wind was blowing, and the little person’s body was slightly trembling. He tried to seek warmth in Long Zhanye’s arms.


Long Zhanye slightly frowned. After waving his hand, a black cloak appeared, and he held the little person tightly with him, wrapping him with the cloak.


His real body is a dragon, and his clothes are made of dragon scales. If he wants to, he can even turn his clothes into a camouflaged style. However, if he ever wore that in the Immortal Realm, he would catch so many unwanted attention. For the sake of Huo Zaiyuan, he must learn to be discreet.


“Let’s go.”


“Oh? Where are we going? Aren’t we staying here today?” Lu Er tried to follow the footsteps of Long Zhanye, and he looked confused.


Even though the Dragon Pool that was in front of Long Zhanye looked scattered, it was merely an illusion. Actually, it was initially a developed area, full of living things and plants, a place where everyone wants to live in.


“Very soon, there will be a bunch of stupid people coming here and waiting for their death. I wouldn’t have the time to waste on those stupid people. I’ll let this forest’s beasts deal with them; they have starved for a long time anyway.” After sneering, Long Zhanye said these words of viciousness.


The nature of the Evil Dragon cannot be changed because of time. Also, its change could only be revealed when it was facing Huo Zaiyuan.


“I will follow wherever my Master and my junior Master go.” Lu Er followed behind and chirped. Apparently, he wasn’t interested in the “trouble” that Long Zhanye had mentioned.


Huo Zaiyuan was especially impressed by this eerie, dark forest. Behind the warm cloak, his big eyes were checking the surrounding environment with caution. His little body tightened, and his little hands were firmly grabbing Long Zhanye’s sleeves.


“I am here. Don’t you worry.” Long Zhanye tried to comfort him. He glanced at his side, only to find out that the fierce beasts hiding in the forest were all squatting on the ground. They were trembling, and they were without a single hint of arrogance.


At this time, Huo Zaiyuan still had not realized how powerful Long Zhanye was. Looking at the scared beasts, he blinked, and a cheerful smile appeared on his face.


There was a cheerful voice of a child in the dark forest, combined with a man’s gentle, comforting voice. They were lingering in the forest.


Although Long Zhanye’s footsteps were like wandering, it took him only fifteen minutes to walk from the Evil Dragon Mountain to the town.  He already reached the streets of Lin Wan town.


“Pharmacy…doctor…” The little man stretched out his hand and pointed at the brightly lit pharmacy in front of them.


“No rush. Let’s go to a boutique first and get some new clothes for Yuanzi. Then, we shall head to the pharmacy and check the health condition for Grandpa.” Long Zhanye said. He was holding Huo Zaiyuan while walking toward the boutique. He also stopped at the pastry shop next to the boutique to buy him a red bean cake.


Although Huo Zaiyuan drank a big cup of peach juice before, for someone who hasn’t gone through a lot of practices like him, a cup of peach juice wasn’t enough to make him feel less hungry.


Huo Zaiyuan was holding the red bean cake, and he started eating it with small bites. Then, Long Zhanye carried him to the boutique and got him a soft, warm cotton coat. He also got some clothes for the elderly and kids, before heading to the pharmacy.


Lin Wan town is the farthest town in the continent. It is only a hundred miles away from a bigger town. And in this town, there is only one pharmacy, that’s why it’s also manipulating the market, and the boss isn’t the most generous type.


When Long Zhanye was carrying Huo Zaiyuan, Lu Er was following them to the pharmacy. After the boss saw them, he immediately greeted them enthusiastically. He saluted respectfully, ‘welcome, my guests. Are you here for a consultation or medicine?”

Looking emotionlessly, Long Zhanye took out some low-level Spiritual Stones from his pocket and handed them to the boss, ‘bring along the best medicines here and follow me.”


Lin Wan is a small town where ordinary people live. There are rarely currencies like Spiritual Crystals. Therefore, when Long Zhanye handed the two Spiritual Crystals to the pharmacy’s boss, he was so stunned that his eyes opened widely.


After being stunned for a while, he immediately realized to react, “yes, yes! I am going to prepare now.”


Money works wonders. The boss immediately acted fast. It only took him a while to get everything ready.


“I am…ready.”

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