Long Zhanye put down Huo Zaiyuan and said, “Yuanzi, lead us the way. We’ll now bring Grandpa to the doctor.”


When hearing about his Grandpa, Zaiyuan’s eyes became much brighter. His hands were dragging Long Zhanye’s sleeves, and he walked in front, full of smiles. From time to time, he used his fingers to point to the front, meaning to go forward.


Recently, for some unknown reasons, there were quite many unknown practitioners in Lin Wan town, it’s mostly very dynamic at night. Huo Zaiyuan led the people to walk toward the street. The more they went, the quieter it got. Long Zhanye and Lu Er didn’t feel anything weird. However, the facial expression of the pharmacy’s boss became more and more serious.


As a local person grown up in the town, he would, of course, know where they were heading to.


“Zhanye, Grandpa…”


The place where Huo Zaiyuan was pointing to happened to be a broken temple. It’s also where the beggars gathered in the town. Usually, no one would step a foot there except beggars.


“Mr…Mr, that’s, that’s…” A filthy gathering place of beggars…

“So, do you have an opinion?” Without evening look at his eyes, Long Zhanye said coldly. The tone even made the pharmacy boss flinch a bit.


“No…nothing.” The pharmacy boss shook his head vigorously.


Although he was greedy, he was at the same time someone who’s afraid of death. He thought that Long Zhanye shouldn’t be an ordinary person. Well, since he had taken the Spiritual Stones, why would it be a big deal to enter the beggars’ place?


Huo Zaiyuan led the people to the broken temple. Soon enough, they saw the beggars coming toward them. Long Zhanye didn’t react at all. Lu Er frowned when he was in this filthy, stinky place.


God, how is it possible that his junior Master stayed here for six years? If only

Liu Ying knew, he’d go mad…damn, why thinking about him again all of a sudden?


“Grandpa, Grandpa!” Huo Zaiyuan looked at the old man at the corner of the broken house and yelled. He let go of Long Zhanye’s hands and was ready to run toward him.


“Yuanzi, take it easy. Let the doctor check Grandpa first.” Stretching his hand to hold the little guy, Long Zhanye turned and glanced at the pharmacy boss.


Although the pharmacy boss was really disgusted with the place, he still respectfully approached the old beggar and tried to treat him.


“Master.” Lu Er went forward and called Long Zhanye, then said, “this is a horrible environment. Even the healthiest people will get sick.”


Long Zhanye was a smart person; of course, he knew what Lu Er meant. He nodded lightly, “well, you will take care of the rest.”


“Ok.” Lu Er nodded, then jumped cheerfully and left the broken place.


Although the pharmacy boss felt like throwing up, he dared not treating the beggar casually. After checking him carefully, he said to Long Zhanye respectfully, “Mr, the patient’s got a cold. Also, he’s elderly. After starving for such a long time, it will take him much longer to recover. The essential thing for him is to rest.”


“Well, go to boil some medicine, then come back here.”


“Alright.” The pharmacy boss nodded respectfully, then picked up his own medicine pack and ran away.


“Grandpa…” After the pharmacy boss left, Huo Zaiyuan whispered.


“Your Grandpa is fine. It’s just a cold. Although it’s a bit late now, I will move to a new house with you later, ok?” Long Zhanye touched the little guy’s head with sympathy.


“Move to a new house…Grandpa will come with us.” What a respectful grandson who always thought of his Grandpa.




Lu Er was very efficient. After about half an hour, he already bought a beautiful house in town, with one dining room and two bedrooms. It also had a yard. The owner of the house was a winemaker. Since he was in a rush to leave Lin Wan town, he wanted to sell the shop. So, when he met Lu Er who was looking for a house desperately, the house was sold to him with a low price.


After Long Zhanye hired someone to arrange everything for the old beggar in the new house, he looked for someone to help him bath and change. The pharmacy boss also brought in medicine. After he drank it, it was already late at night.


After leaving Lu Er to take care of the old beggar, Long Zhanye took the little guy, who’s yawning nonstop, to enter into the space.





“You’re tired. Now, go to sleep. And you’ll see Grandpa tomorrow.” Long Zhanye put the little guy on the bed. Then, he lied beside him. After pulling up his sleeves, he saw that the injury caused by the beasts had been healed.


Although there is no spiritual power in returning to his original self, the peach juice was really something. Within two hours, the wounds caused by scratches had disappeared.


“Well, I am going to sleep.” Moving his body a little, Huo Zaiyuan closed his eyes next to Long Zhanye.


Long Zhanye couldn’t get enough of his sweet look.


Huo Zaiyuan was born to have a serious, truthful character, though he got embarrassed easily at times. He was an in-born practitioner. Sometimes, he’d be very bright, at times innocent and cute.


God knows what he’ll become after being “taught”?

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