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Rebirth of Wild Fire – Chapter 24 – Digging Treasure


Xiao Liang was stunned on the side, and went to the front and said, “Boss, you are simply too powerful. You fought 5 alone and you ended up winning without losing any blood.”

“It’s just a bunch of garbage. I killed them just like playing.” Lu Yang said.

“However, I want to know, Boss, how come your magics are different from others’? I have seen other mages using 3 seconds when they used fire balls, and their fire balls aren’t as big as yours.” Xiao Liang asked.

“I’ll tell you anyway. But you have to keep it secret.” Lu Yang said, “the fire balls that I released are called blasting, its damaging power is 50% higher than that of fire balls, and the normal release time of this skill is 5 seconds. Normally speaking, no mages would use this skill when they’re fighting with monsters or in a team, but I’m exceptional, when I first entered the game, I learned some simple spells. While others need 5 seconds for this skill, I only need 0.7 seconds.”

“Ah~~” Xiao Liang’s eyes opened widely and said, “in such a short time.”

Even Xiao Liang didn’t really play games, he knew what it meant, it actually meant that when someone released one blasting skill, Lu Yang would already release seven of them, meaning that his one input would equal to seven people’s input.

“So, are you interested in becoming a mage? I will teach you simplified spells.” Lu Yang smiled and asked.

Xiao Liang’s eyes told Lu Yang that he was looking forward to it, but then he retreated, “no, I’m going to play warrior.”


The reason why Xiao Liang chose warrior was because he wanted to be in front of Lu Yang – anyone who wanted to fight Lu Yang will have to fight Xiao Liang first. However, of course he didn’t have the guts to say so.

Lu Yang didn’t force Xiao Liang anymore. Playing games is a really a person thing. Some people like being a mage, and some like being a warrior like Xiao Liang. They like to kill people.

“Well, whatever you want. If you want to be a mage one day, I will not spare anything, I will surely teach you all the simplified spells.” Lu Yang said.

“Okay.” Xiao Liang nodded.

“Look at the equipment and see what kind of stuff have been blasted out by these guys.” Lu Yang asked.

The five people, such as the Golden Eagle, were all famous figures. According to the system rules, once a famous player is dead, all the equipment in his backpack would be blasted out, as well as those worn on their bodies.


Xiao Liang came to the place where the five people died and said, “Boss, they were carrying lots of good stuff.”


The ground was covered with a variety of potions and equipment with a bronze glow.

Lu Yang came over, looked at it and said, “The Forever Happy Paradise from Black Blood is really a bastard. They must have killed a lot of players to have this amount of equipment.”

In Black Blood, a player must go through battles to grow. Starting from level 0, they have to snatch all the equipment from other players to get money. Although it didn’t sound moral, many players who were into PK have been attracted to join the Black Blood. And the Black Blood grew stronger thanks to the support of these players. Even though some players chose to quit the group once they found out the true colors of the Black Blood people, that’s another story.

Xiao Liang picked up the equipment one by one, he came to the warrior gold sculpture, Xiao Liang saw a green, shining bead. After he picked it up, he curiously asked Lu Yang, “boss, this bead is very strange. What is it used for?”

Lu Yang looked up and suddenly his eyes widened. He said, “these are the snake poison beads. How can this be? How can they have blasted out the snake poison beads at this level?”

“Snake poison beads? What is that?”

Xiao Liang did not understand, since in official settings of the game, there’s no introduction of the special items, it all depends on the players to explore themselves.

Lu Yang said excitedly, “brother, what a gem it is!”

If there is something in the early stage that could attract Lu Yang’s eyes, they were the arsonist’s staff will count as one and the devil’s heart. In addition to these two, there was the snake poison beads.

“No wonder the people from the Black Blood could grow so fast in their previous life, they have gotten this gem so long ago.” Lu Yang murmured to himself.

“In the previous life, what previous life?” Xiao Liang didn’t get it.

“Nothing.” Lu Yang said to Xiao Liang, “you’ve grown rich now! This is such a special treasure that can get you upgraded. I will not tell you what happens after the upgrade, but I’ll tell you how powerful it is. It can release a 10*10 range of toxic fog, once a target is attacked by toxic fog, it’s going to drop 10 points of blood per second, it will last for 5 minutes, and the cooling time is 2 minutes.”

“Oh, how powerful it is.” Xiao Liang responded in surprise.

Lu Yang said, “yeah, maybe for the player, as the player has the ability to add blood, and he can also take medicine and use bandages, escape the scope of the poison fog, he might be able to escape from this skill. However, whoever has this equipment would have the possibility for a quick upgrade.”

“Boss, then does it mean that we can upgrade quickly?” Xiao Liang said with excitement.

Lu Yang answered, “of course, take this snake poison bead with you. And change yourself with a bronze gear for warrior, I will take you to upgrade.”

Originally Lu Yang wanted to go to the Troll camp for a special task, but now that there was a snake poison bead, he decided to take Xiao Liang to the Ogre camp first.

Along the flower plain field, Lu Yang took Xiao Liang all the way to the northwest direction of St. Gallen City. It took them more than three hours. After passing the 3rd to 9th level of the strange monsters’ area, Lu Yang took Xiao Liang to enter the silent forest.


“Boss, this is a 10th-level monsters’ area.” Xiao Liang asked with a trembling voice. He was a player who’d just entered level 0 in the game, and in this high-level area, he couldn’t help but panic.

Lu Yang reassured him with a smile, “don’t worry, we’re not going to fight monsters here.”

Xiao Liang asked innocently, “boss, do you mean that we’re marching forward?”

Lu Yang laughed, “hey, don’t you learn fast.”

Xiao Liang looked at the huge body of the 10th-level black bear in a distance and couldn’t help but feel nervous. He said, “well, this is indeed in line with the boss’s style.”

Lu Yang laughed and patted Xiao Liang’s shoulder, “don’t be afraid of these monsters. Follow me, as long as we find the right method, we won’t alert them.”

Although the 10th-level black bear was huge, its biggest feature was that it didn’t move much, especially at night, they’d been used to staying in a fixed position, and they didn’t really go to anywhere else in the game.

Lu Yang led Xiao Liang to wait until the sun set and the moon was high. At this time, the silent forest under the night looked particularly terrifying. There were bats in the upper part of the trees, and there were horrific cries of owls from far. The black bears were back in the forest, wandering in their fixed positions.

“We can go now.” Lu Yang said.

“Yeah.” Xiao Liang also found that the black bears were gone, and he excitedly said, “boss, how do you know about the black bears?”

Lu Yang smiled and said, “on the official website of the game, there is an introduction of black bears.”

In fact, this method was not available in the game library, it had to be discovered from the players.

When he entered the game in his previous life, it was the time when the major studios opened up in the game. In order to find high-grade medicinal materials, the studio required the players to enter the high-level map to collect herbs in advance. The price given by the high-level studios was several times that of ordinary medicinal resources. In order to obtain high-grade medicinal materials, the goldsmiths in the studio often had to take risks. After a lot of sacrifices, studio players have found this method.

Lu Yang ran on the road and couldn’t help but recall the experience of his own time. It was no doubt a time of heroes.

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