Chapter 33 – Flowers Academy : Princess Sarah

Princess Sarah was waking up in her room, she wandered around for a bit as she did her normal beauty regimen. As she finished with her beauty regimen, she took up a comb to brush her long hair. Yes, it is the maid Juno’s job to brush her hair but sometimes she liked doing it herself, she thought.

Princess Sarah’s POV

I wonder how the heroine Sissy Potter is doing. She seems like a sweet girl. I hope she finds happiness. The capture targets are all sweet people, they may be a bit weird but if you get to know them they are really sweet and nice. Well the exception may be Vance Von Gou which has a weird hobby. Well we are friends now, I accepted Vance’s friendship but shot down his proposal for marriage.

Hmm, if I remember correctly, the heroine Sissy makes some cute soft toys. Handmade soft toys, the Lilian in my previous life begins to drool. The Lilian in my previous life used to collect soft toys. So the me now still have some yearning to own one. I think I will ask her to make one for me. I wonder if she will mind.

It was then that I found Sissy in the school garden and asked her to please make me a soft toy. Sissy had a look of an aha moment and said yes she will make one for me and extras for her friends as well and smiled at me. What a sweet girl, I thought.

A few days later I was looking for Sissy and her hand made soft toys. She was surrounded by a group of nobles children and they seem to be threatening her. It must be because she did so well in classes that they are embarrassed by their own poor results. I saw them throwing down Sissy’s soft toys down on the ground. I managed to step in front of them and stopped them from bullying Sissy further. After all I was a princess and they were only nobles, our statuses were different. As Sissy froze in shock, I picked up her soft toys and handed it to her, but I kept one that I liked. I asked her sweetly if I can keep the teddy bear soft toy that she made. She happily said yes.

When I went back to my room holding the brown teddy bear toy that Sissy made, I realize that this was suppose to be Prince Jules route or story into Sissy the heroine’s heart. Why did he not appear ? I then guess it must be because Sissy has been ignoring him and staying away from him. Is that why Prince Jules decided to ignore Sissy and not help her when she needs it. Come to think of it I never avoided Prince Jules and always treated him as a friend no matter how he looks. After all, I knew the pain of being fat and ugly and also being friendless. One should look at the inside of a person and not on just the look on the outside. I guess Prince Jules is getting a taste of his own medicine as he usually shuns ugly people.

I can now understand why Prince Jules is so grateful to me. I guess he is grateful to have a beautiful friend that never shuns him even if he looks fat and ugly. I need Prince Jules to gain back his confidence no matter how he looks. As I thought that I felt sorry for Prince Jules even he treated me badly before.

A few days later another incident happened between me and Sissy. Another group of girls from her same classroom wanted to attack her because they feel she is acting haughty and looking down on them. Once again I manage to stop them. And once again Sissy is grateful to me. I used my authority as a princess to state bullying is not allowed in this school and if you feel she is haughty just ignore her, don’t attack her. I later found out the first attack that happened was also because of her arrogant attitude and saying something mean about one of the nobles in that group.

When I walk back from the second incident, I realize  that this was Jack’s route or story into Sissy, the heroine’s heart. Why did Jack not appear ? I then realized that Sissy has been ignoring Jack and avoiding him because of his strong love for his family. But to Sissy she said she disliked Jack because of his open attitude and bad temper. Sissy evens bad mouth Jack to all the girls she meet by saying Jack is bad tempered. And Jack must have heard all these rumors and stories from his friends about Sissy bad mouthing him. No wonder he would not help her. Jack would probably encourage the girls to bully her.

Sigh, I need to do something about Sissy, the heroine’s terrible attitude. If she does not change her attitude she will be ostracized from this school. I decided to talk to her about it but before I do that I had better investigate her and her background. I called out,

“Sato, Master Stalker ! Come out !”

“Yes my mistress, my goddess”, Sato replied as he came out of the shadow like a ninja and kneeled in front of Princess Sarah like it was feudal Japan. His blonde hair was blowing in the wind making him look even more handsome.

“Sato, please investigate Sissy Potter’s background and her family’s background”, as Princess Sarah said that she smiled and thought who would have known the stalker’s skill would have been so useful.

“Yes my goddess ….”, as Sato said that he disappeared on sight.

Sissy the heroine’s POV

Uh, the last few days two groups of nasty girls tried to cause trouble for me but my good friend Princess Sarah rescued me. She was like prince in shining armor but unfortunately she was a princess. Ah, well she still accepted my gift of the brown teddy bear. I was so happy she accepted it. It made my heart skip a beat. Like giving a lover a present. I am coming into yuri love (lesbian love), no it’s just infatuation.

After all I have Prince Caspian. He is handsome and the most eligible bachelor in Flowers Academy. And he even chose to serenade with an Earth song, “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Michael Bolton. Ohh, I am so impressed. He even invited me to go back with him to his kingdom. I am so going to his kingdom with him. Prince Caspian must really love me after all I am beautiful and a wonderful person. Everyone seems to think so except for a few girls that are jealous of me.

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