Chapter 2 The Oojo

Breakfast used to be heavy meats and loads of sugary foods followed by lunch was even more of that and Sarah use to eat the portion of three people, three adults to be exact… and Sarah by that I mean me hated vegetables but all of that changed when I realized why Sarah was so fat.. so breakfast, lunch and dinner mainly consisted of vegetables and fruit and dinner maybe a bit of protein.. at first my Mom and Dad was agasht at my eating habit but they slowly got used to the fact that I eat less meat and more vegetables and fruits now, the meal of peasants. Well you cannot be healthy if you eat meat all the time.

It was with that improved diet and with Lilian’s extensive knowledge that I slimmed down so fast, and now with my face fixed I had to continue with my project to make Sarah into a living goddess. I had remembered that in the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love” they had a creature called the Oojo which was raised for its beauty as a pet and for its fur, it is a rare creature that ate kismet fruit a fruit that is common and not eaten by anyone whether by peasants or nobles because the fruit is a weed and its taste horrible and bitter like crazy but I remembered in my past life it stated that the Oojo is so beautiful with its silken skin and lovely flowery smell because of the kismet fruit, it is clearly stated in the game. And in this World I noticed that the Oojo only eats kismet fruit if not they die or their skin begins to molt like some type of sickness.

Because of that and because I was an organic beautician I had decided to experiment on myself and decided to eat kismet fruit as well starting from today. Kismet fruit is cheap and no one wants to eat it so I was able to gather 2 years of supply easily. As June looks at me looking at the fruit she asks me are you alright why are you eating the kismet fruit, my first bite the juices of the bitterness of the fruit is terrible but I bear with it for long term gain, I was going to endure as I suspect the kismet fruit will improve my skin which is no longer patchy but beautiful and healthy because of all the excercise and yoga I have been doing… Yes I do yoga , I did it back on Earth when I was Lilian and I do it now.

I will have wait to see if eating the Oojo fruit pays off in the long term. After eating my late lunch my next objective is to create organic skin care products with the products of this World. Since this World’s products and fruits are similar to Earth (except for the unusual kismet fruit) I should be able to make organic shampoo, organic conditioner (my long blonde dry hair has been killing me), as well as lotions to keep my skin smooth and beautiful. This world had none of these products all they had are soap and water and that is it. Hopefully creating all this product for me to use over the long term pays off.

Other than the cosmetic skin product I am producing, I am also using a special form of yoga that keeps improving my stamina and supposedly help to keep me young.

As I was eating the fruit I notice the gazes of the servants looking at me June was smiling and blushing. The male butlers kept on gulping down their saliva with some of the female maid hitting them. Andre my guard kept on looking at me eat and trembling while his face was blushing. Andre was six feet tall and clean shaven with short brown hair and also an Ikemen.

POV of Andre

I had heard that the daughter of the Duke of Mira was a pig and was ugly as a pig but when I was assigned by the Duke to guard her I was surprised by how she looked slender and beautiful with not an ounce of fat she looked cute like a beautiful porcelain doll princess. When I first met her I greeted her by bowing down and she smiled at me like an angel and stated that there were no need for formalities, she said “I will be in your care from now on” and smiled. For some reason my lips curled up on their own and I began to smile.

I do not know how she looked like before but her face is truly stunning. That was one year ago, if anything at all she looks like a goddess right now.

Every morning she greeted me without airs and giggled when I stuttered to greet her back. God she is too cute and beautiful that it’s bad for my heart. I think I might have fallen in love with her. Most of the other guards say I have a new daughter as I keep on talking about her with them and keep on thinking of her.

Even when eating today up until a year ago her beauty keeps on increasing if that is even humanly possible. And I could not stop my shoulder trembling. If one could say that one incident that made me truly fall in love with her was when my mother fell ill. Now a lowly guard like me would not have enough money to pay for a healer but Sarah insisted on healing my mother and she sneaked out with me in disguise to heal her. I can still remember that up to today and every time I think about it have to stop the tears coming out from my eyes.  She is truly an angel and I am blessed to be with her. I swear I can know why everyone here loves Sarah so much even I love Sarah…

Sarah’s POV

Hmmm Andre I still remember I used her mother to test out my healing magic it will be good to help me get better at healing and avoid my death flag.

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