It was raining.

The sound of the grated on my ears as it hit the roof of the house.

My memories drift back to when I was a boy, living in a shack in the town of Mira…

It could not even be called a shack what I lived in, the main beams holding it up was thin as an child’s arm. Instead of a roof , rags was draped over the shelter to cover it. And the walls were no more than the ceiling clothes hanging over it.

This dwelling hardly offered any shelter from the elements. In this shelter that hardly offered any shelter from the elements lived a seven year old boy laying on a piece of thin piece of cloth laid out. Memories of me shivering in the rain back then.

I remember then the sounds I could only hear were the rainfall and my breathing. The scene gives the impression that there was no one else in World except the boy there. I understood I would die there on that day of starvation. Although I knew I would die I was not afraid. Life didn’t seem dear and death was a release from pain. If death would come without pain then dying would not be so bad. The boy closed his eyes. He could hear tiny sounds around the surrounding.

Out of curiousity he opened his eyes. In the thin strip of his vision he saw it, something beautiful.

The beautiful thing is out of reach I thought to myself. Then someone reached out to caress my face.

My name was given by that beauty, we were both seven years old, her name is Sarah my goddess Sarah, she was a Duke’s daughter. She had rescued me and given me a name. That name is


I swore then I would do everything in my power to protect her, I am now nine years old and taking sword practice with her to be better able to protect my angel. In the last few months or years her beauty has grown indiscriable.  That is the mistress which I will strive with everything I have to protect, my lady Sarah.

(Hope you like it Sato is one of the few orphans adopted by Sarah to protect her in the future)

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