Chapter 6 A New Brother

The morning sunlight shone through the window, warm rays of light fall from my face , I suppose it’s time to get up now. As I move my tiny hands and slim body down from the bed, I hear Juno my maids voice.

“Lady Sarah, good morning, your parents have a surprise for you”

“Juno please call me Sarah, how many times do I have to tell you to call me informally in the house, there is no need for honirifics in the house, after all we are friends”, I called out to her and smiled sweetly.

Juno’s face blushed and stuttered a few inaudible words, after which she said

“Sarah good morning”

“Thank you Juno, you are important part of the family, do not ever forget that”, I smiled at her.

I quickly got up and did my normal regiment, however this time I am trying out my kismet fruit supplement pill which I had created myself after all in one of my previous life I was an organic beautician. With the supplement I won’t have to endure the bitter foul taste of the kismet fruit everyday, I can just pop some pills into my mouth.

As I got ready to go down I combed my own hair which was shining while using my natural hair cream I created, I am a beautician in my previous life after all. As I combed I notice my hair was becoming more and more the colour of silver like the Oojo which had silver fur and was valued beyond belief. I believe no one in this World ever had silver hair. I let out a sigh as I see that my golden hair is disappearing and being replaced by shining exotic silver hair. I suppose that too is the effect of the kismet fruit. I also noticed that I had no body hair.. by the way the Oojo looks like a small lemur of Earth and looks really cute.

As I finished my preparations I went down the stairs with June my maid only to be greeted by my parents Daryl Von Hill the Duke of Mira and my mom Maria Von Hill. But wait who is that young boy with golden hair standing next to them, he looks a bit older than me and seems to be fidgeting.

“Good morning papa and mama” as I greeted my parents and did a curtsy.

The boy then stared at me with eyes wide open and he seems to be in a daze. His mouth formed a round O and he immediately straightened his back.

My father Daryl stepped forward and said

“Sarah this is your cousin brother Jack, he will be staying with us from now on, we are adopting him as our son and your new brother. He is ten years old, not much older than you and he will be your new playmate and friend” and then he mumbled something about Jack keeping the wolves away from sheep??? I think I might have misheard.

“Pleased to meet you my name is Jack and I am your new brother”, Jack smiled at me as he held up his trembling hand to greet me. His cheeks are flushed red.

“I will be in your care, big brother”, I smiled at him as I said that and did a curtsy.

“Ooh, Jack your nose is bleeding… are you okay ?”, I cried out to him as he seems to faint. My father supported his back and then mumbled something about another wolf has been added to guard his precious sheep with his eyebrows bunched together as he said that.

After Jack recovered we spent many days together he seems to be a kind and sweet older brother. We even spent time in the garden talking and meeting his male friend Ryan, the Marquis son. Although Jack seems to be very irritated in introducing Ryan to me. I spent my time improving my cooking skills by letting them try my cookies and cream made from an Earth recipe.

I remember Jack Von Hill’s name in the Otome Game “The Flowers of Love”, in it stated Jack was a scoundrel that wanted power and position and when he met the fat Villainess Sarah they plotted at getting Sarah the 4th prince’s engagement back to Sarah again. Jack bullied the heroine as well but as time went by he fell in love with the heroine’s beauty and kind nature. He ended killing Sarah in revenge for the heroine. I shuddered thinking of such a scenario.  But the Jack now I am spending time with does not seem to be such a bad character and I have no intention of getting back with prince anytime soon. Jack is such a wonderful older brother he even told me that the prince is a playboy and the prince acts like a spoiled child whenever he fails to get something, the prince is just being pampered as he is the youngest child in the family he told me that one day. And the Marquis son Ryan even supported that statement saying the prince is a spoiled idiot.

I spend my time with my brother happily and hope he does not become a villain, I have talked to him many times and this time it was a serious talk.

“Jack whatever you do please be a good person, I love you because you are so kind to me and you are my sweet older brother” as I said that I gave a half smile while looking seriously into his eyes.

“Don’t worry Sarah I will never let anyone ever hurt you again especially that stupid prince, you are my dear little sister and I will protect you” as he said that he smiled beamingly at me and stroked my hair.

I looked at him and smiled, “Jack let’s go play”, he smiled at me and held my hand. I could feel his shoulders shaking and his hands trembling. He said, “Let’s go Sarah”. Just like that we both skipped off to play together.

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