Hello all, here is Shadow Rogue Chapter 118.

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Looking at the Forgotten Forest, Chu Rui felt his heartbeat quicken. For a region to be marked by the system itself as a danger area was a rare sight indeed. This definitely was a treasure cave; the catch was whether you had the ability to dig it out.


Wielding two daggers, Chu Rui leaped into the Forgotten Forest without a second thought.


Watching the excited Chu Rui, Ye Zifeng and the others looked at each other helplessly and quickly followed. The first time they arrived, everyone walked with extreme care, afraid of triggering some boss and getting wiped out. But not Chu Rui, that guy just crashes in the moment he arrives. They were lucky that the strange mist was only on the outer ring, with only a few monsters. Although they were a bit stronger than regular spawns, there was no way they could defeat the whole team. What’s more, they had a crazy, overpowered freak running in front of them!


It was only after ten minutes of running into the Forest that monsters started to appear within 500 meters. No wonder why they couldn’t hear anything from outside the forest.


This was the forest. Although it was a bit strange, it was still a forest; the system wouldn’t just randomly spawn water-dwelling monsters. The majority were still…


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