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Shinka no Mi 105 (Teaser)


The Heroes’ Rivalry


I, Takamiya Shota, have come to the academy’s arena to see an event called ‘Barbador Academy Campus Rivalry’.

Supposedly, it was an event unrelated to us heroes, but we were told to check on the S-Class students’ special training and to oversee its results. Among those S-Class students is Theobold, First Prince of the Kaiser Empire, who is the one who has summoned us here. So we cannot refuse.

To be honest, I don’t have a good impression of those S-Class students. Well, there are a few that are actually pretty nice people, like Roberto, the First Prince of the Winberg Kingdom.

But other than that, most of the S-Class guys just tend to look down on others.

…Well, I can’t say some of us heroes don’t do that as well.

Some of us heroes have done stuff to manipulate our surroundings with the great power we had suddenly obtained.


“…Ah? Why are you in such a good mood?”



I asked that question to Kannazuki-senpai, who was standing next to me with an odd smile across her face.


“Hmm? Wanna know? Huh? Huh?”

“You seem strangely angry…!”


Kannazuki-senpai wouldn’t normally act like this, so I was getting curious as to why.


“I’m just wondering. Tell me, please!”




Wait, Kannazuki-senpai has been acting strange lately.

Her usual imposing appearance seems to have vanished and replaced by a much more deplorable one.

That’s strange… very strange… Something must have happened to her…

Speaking of which, Kannazuki-senpai seems to disappear from time to time… maybe that has something to do with this?


In the end, the match started without me knowing why Kannazuki-senpai was in such a good mood.

The first match was between the C-Class and the A-Class. I personally thought it was a very interesting battle, but the other students seemed to think otherwise.


“Hah! Even I can use that spell!”

“We really are better than the humans of this world, huh?”

“We should be running this school!”


Many heroes look down on people like them.

I don’t understand how they can get so full of themselves.

I was afraid that this power I obtained without any effort would be actually changing people.

As I was thinking about that, the atmosphere changed a bit with the appearance of a certain A-Class student.

It was Jonas, Second Prince of the Winberg Kingdom.


“Kyaaa! Jonas-kuuun!”

“That gruff look of his… so dreamy!”

“I wonder if I should talk to him? We’re heroes after all, so he wouldn’t be mean to us, right?”


The girls started to make a great fuss about Jonas’ appearance, while the boys seemed totally uninterested.



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