Yun Ge turned from the quietest prisoner to the most active prisoner.

Every morning and night, she would walk around in circles in the square-shaped prison

“Is this better for the body?”

The man nodded.

Every day, when the sunlight shone into the cell, she would do shadow-boxing under the small column of sunlight.

At first there were quite many prisoners who would stare at her body and catcall, babble some unpleasant words, but she turned a deaf ear towards them.

Under the shining sunlight, her face had lighted up like crystals.

Her expression looked like she was standing in the middle of a green field, bathed in bright sunlight, facing the warm wind, and she was freely stretching her body. Her serenity and calm made the prisoners who peeked at her gradually become quiet. They would still stare at her, but the dirty look in their eyes was slowly disappearing.

Every day after dinner, she would softly hum some songs.

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