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This is a dream.




Wintertime in southern China is very cold.


Heaters were rarely used, and the air was often humid. Although the temperature rarely dropped below zero, even sitting at home will cause pangs of damp chills, piercing to the bones.


Our small village doesn’t snow during the winter, but rain freezes to ice as soon as it touches the ground.


Most people viewed the slippery ground as a nuisance, but us kids were delighted. It meant that the entire sidewalk became our skating rink.


After school, we’ll joyfully slide on the ice, skating all the way home.


The whole town was a carpet of green-gray houses. My grandparents’ house was one of them. Right now, I should be going home for supper.


I haven’t walked this path for a long time. But why am I going this way?


Following my memory, I left my laughing friends, and walked briskly towards home.


I hesitantly opened the house’s iron gate, and found Grandpa practicing….

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