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V2 Chapter 7: Romance is a Black Operation


Cold tea after a salty dinner is very effective.


Repetitive trips to the living room to refill my tea cup were tedious, so I brought the whole jug to my bedroom.


I drank cup after cup, refilling the jug again and again. I felt like I was slowly becoming a water buffalo.


My pitiful state was all thanks to Mom and Jiang Muqing. It’s really despicable that I have to heed to elders’ and girls’ wishes.


“Lu Fan, can you stop for a second?”


“Can you stop looking at homework? Can you look at me for a while?”


“Lu Fan, I want you at my side!”




The girl’s pouting voice sounded again and again, distracting my focus.


“I haven’t finished the homework from cram school, I can’t stop if I don’t get it done.”


I replied to Jiang Muqing in exasperation.


“Have you finished your own….


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